Assisted living facilities have come a long way in recent decades. They can be a great option for older adults who want to remain independent while living in a community with other seniors, all with access to the sort of care they may need as they age. But even if a senior calls an assisted living facility home, there’s still room to incorporate an in-home caregiver into his or her daily routine. Partnering with a caregiver for a senior in assisted living comes with a number of benefits.

  • Ensuring expediency: Caregivers working with seniors in a facility can ensure a senior’s needs are all met in an expedient and efficient manner. In an assisted living facility, staff members are sometimes pulled in multiple directions to make sure that all the seniors in their charge receive adequate care, but an in-home caregiver can ensure that the senior you love gets the care he or she needs right away. 
  • Bringing a personal touch: Partnering with a caregiver in a facility provides an extra level of customized, personal care. You won’t have to worry about a loved one being just another number in a care facility when working with a perfectly matched in-home caregiver. A caregiver can also get to know the senior on a deeper level, learning his or her personality and likes and dislikes, ensuring that a strong bond of trust is forged between the pair. 
  • Prioritizing nutritional needs: An alarming amount of seniors struggle with malnutrition, and as tastes and abilities change during aging, so should the items on the dinner menu. An in-home caregiver can keep a closer eye on a loved one to make sure he or she is eating and drinking an adequate amount.
  • Ensuring social interaction and engagement: A senior care facility can be a great environment for seniors to make friends of their own age and participate in enjoyable social activities, but some seniors may have more difficulty socializing than others or prefer a one-on-one conversation versus group activities. A caregiver can bring extra joy and social stimulation into a senior’s life in a way that is most comfortable for the senior. 

The caregivers at Aware Senior Care are committed to helping seniors thrive wherever they call home, whether that’s in a private residence or in a senior living facility. All our caregivers are hand-picked, vetted, and screened in order to ensure that we hire only the most dedicated and compassionate caregivers. We offer a variety of personalized care services, including:

To learn more about partnering with a caregiver in a senior living facility, reach out to the professionals at Aware Senior Care. You can reach us online or talk to us over the phone at (919) 436-1871 to learn more about senior home care in Cary or the surrounding areas.