when is it time for assisted living

Aware Senior Care hosts AskAware with Sunrise Senior Living to discuss when the time is right for assisted living

#AskAware: Is it Time for Assisted Living? (Chat date: December 16th, 2015)

About our Guest Host: Brigitte Specht
Brigitte has been with Sunrise Senior Living since 2007 and is now a Sr. Area Manager of Business Development, working with her team to build partnerships in the community with healthcare providers. She is also seen as a great educational resource to her local community on various aging-related topics. Brigitte began her career in senior living 12 years ago in a Continuing Care Retirement Community and is a licensed North Carolina Assisted Living Administrator. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Transitions GuidingLights Caregiver Support Center.

Sunrise serves nearly 30,000 residents in communities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Find more information on the senior care services they provide on their website.

Question Two: How is senior living today different from years ago?

Question Four: Is there a way to experience living in an assisted living community before a person commits?

Question Five: What advice can you give me to help persuade my Mom or Dad to move to assisted living?