va aid and attendance benefit

This is a short and sweet summary of the qualifications for any VA aid and attendance benefit.

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VA aid and attendance benefits overview

VA Aid and Attendance Benefit Qualifications

  • Served during a period of war.
  • Veteran requires at least two Activities of Daily Living to be addressed (three is preferred).
  • The family income is used by the veteran and/or their family on the cost of care.
  • Asset Test: Depends on home ownership, current income, savings. Approximately $50,000/veteran or spouse only, $80,000/married [cash]

Individuals Who Qualify for Aid and Attendance

  • Veterans
  • Veteran’s Spouse
  • Surviving Spouse of Veteran (cannot be divorced)
  • If you need the aid of another person (in-home care, family care, assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing) to assist in bathing, dressing, meal preparation, medication monitoring or other activities of daily living, you may qualify

How much can Veterans Assistance AA pay? Currently the Veterans Aid and Attendance (AA) Pension provides benefits that reduce the cost of care for veterans and surviving spouses who require assisted living. The AA Pension can provide up to $1,788 per month to a veteran, $1,149 per month to a surviving spouse, or $2,120 per month to a couple.