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Tim and Gina were speakers at the Triangle Caregivers Conference at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh, NC on June 21st, 2016.

Whether the attendees were looking for home care services or agencies, nursing homes, or wanted more support as a caregiver in the Raleigh area, Aware and other organizations were happy to provide that knowledge.  Their reflections are below:

gina murray aware senior care


The Triangle Caregivers’ Conference brought together an amazing number of people dedicated to supporting caregivers in our community. Whether you were looking for advice how to deal with your loved one’s memory issues or an assisted living community with services, or just wanted to know what seniors services are available in the Raleigh area, you could find your answers there.

I was honored to be a speaker with my husband, Tim, and present a variety of resources that help seniors thrive in their homes. Our audience of approximately 50 was larger than we expected and we were happy to address their elder care questions. Many said they had found ‘kindred spirits’ during this conference. Many heads nodded in agreement to statements made.

As a professional, many of the resources we presented yesterday were not new to me. In fact, I felt like I was talking about things I thought people would already know. Then, I recalled how we felt when Tim’s Mom, Emily, moved here.

We found ourselves on the ‘family side’ and lacked any information about home care services available in the Raleigh area. No amount of professional experience prepares you for the feelings associated with ‘trying to do the right thing’ for your loved one with memory problems.

Our sessions both ran over the hour time allotted as we tried to answer the many questions and listen to the experiences of compassionate, yet exhausted, caregivers. Looking back at all who attended, I can attest that the Triangle is filled with resources to help anyone during their caregiving journey.


tim murray aware senior care


The Triangle Caregiver Conference held at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh, NC was a great success.  Normally, success for an event is measured by the number of people coming to the conference. With this criteria in mind, Aware Senior Care feels the conference was a great success.  But, for many organizations and companies like our home care agency, success is measured on making a difference in people’s lives.  In our case, it’s about living well and safely in the home.  If we had touched one person’s life in a positive way yesterday, that’s a success.

Throughout the day and especially during our seminar in the afternoon, we met many people talking about caregiving in the home.  From the discussions we had, I’m sure we positively impacted a number of people’s lives and that’s what it’s all about.

Whether it’s our agency or one of the many great organizations and individuals sponsoring at the TCC, it takes a village to help both the caregiver and for the families they are caregiving. Gina and I saw a lot of metaphorical light bulbs going on when talking about all the wonderful people that provide some senior care service or information (i.e. GuidingLights in Caregiving training, ALNZ with all the great information and training on Alzheimers and dementia, home care, home health, home renovation etc.).

People don’t realize the tremendous support network available to them in the Triangle area.  As a result of this wonderful conference now they do.  It’s a privilege to be part of this great care network. We appreciate the time and effort by the TCC and all the volunteers.

Looking forward to next year.