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Nancy Schwartz of Loblolly Concierge is an organizational and scheduling expert knowledgeable in the variety of RTP transportation options available in the Triangle area.

One of the big issues facing seniors is giving up driving.  It’s one of “bigger” issues people struggle with their loved ones. It’s hard for anyone to give up the freedom to come and go as they please. But, the truth is as we get older it does affect our driving and driving patterns. With years of driving experience, it’s been found that most older adults are safe drivers, but when they’re involved in a car accident it tends to more serious than if a younger driver was behind the wheel of the car.

A central issue and concern for everyone involved is when someone you love can’t drive any longer, what are their options to be able to go places and maintain their independence? What are the resources available in our communities today to serve this need? What different types of driving services are available? These are only some of the questions raised by concerned adult children and care takers.

As we age there is a decline in our vision, hearing. Certain health conditions and medications, can affect our driving ability as well. Driving is an important part of staying independent. Without a vehicle many seniors become stuck inside their homes or apartments. The change from being an engaged and involved person in your community to house bound can cause isolation, depression and other medical issues.

Example RTP Transport Resources Available in the Community

In the Raleigh- Cary are alone there a few standard options and also some not so standard driving alternatives.

For example, the Cary Senior Center offers door-to-door transportation for residents at least 60 years of age or disabled. Accessible vehicles are available for those in need of lift equipment in both Cary and Raleigh Senior Centers. The Cary Senior Center operates on a 3-Tier fare system depending on the destination.

Beginning January 27, 2015, fares will range from $6.00-9.00 each way.  Seniors and disabled users must register at the Senior Center and get a free photo ID card to use the service. If you need a ride to the Cary Senior Center, C-Tran will provide a free trip. Cary also has fixed bus routes Monday through Sunday.

Maps and schedules are available:
On the buses
Cary Town Hall Finance Department
Cary Senior Center
Additional schedules they can be obtained by calling the Town of Cary at (919) 481-2020.

There are also services available for those who prefer a quieter ride. Assisted living and CC Communities all provide transportation for their residents. The trick with this is having to be on someone else’s schedule.

Nancy Schwartz
Co-Founder, Loblolly Concierge