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Client Reviews

If I need to make changes in the schedule they are very helpful.
Rosemary G.
I appreciate their knowledge about the situation. I also like their compassion.
Connie M.
The caregiver were really helpful, the office staff are nice.
Crayton B.
Everybody was very nice, in the office and with the caregivers.
Gene H.
I have liked that they have been very dependable. They work really hard at taking care us.
Patrick S.
It would be very hard if they didn't do what they're doing for us. They're good at what they do.
Carol F.
They are always willing to work with us. They are very accommodating.
Paul C.
They are excellent at communication. If a caregiver rarely can't be here they let me know. They communicate any issues or things I might need to know.
Julie S.
The owners strive for quality and excellent service. They are easy to get in touch with and the communication is excellent. They provide me with quality overnight caregivers for my mom so I can rest.
Gladys B.
They are responsive to my needs and they are always available. I like that. I like that I can contact them 24/7.
Dale J.
It made a big impact because they were trustworthy, accountable, and sensitive to the needs of my mom and dad. They were always on time. They were the most phenomenal company. They were so responsive, and they were so good at matching caregivers with the needs of my mom and dad. The caregivers were always excellent. It was more than I could have ever dreamt of.
Kenneth S.
They help with my wife, and it gives me a chance to go out and work part time. They have done excellent work for her and give her someone to talk to. They have always responded when we have had issues, and they are always able to fill in and make sure we are covered. They are always on the ball and working to help me out.
Kathryn G.
I liked the customer service because it was very hands on, and they were quick to resolve issues. I thought they were a great company. The office was easy to communicate with because someone was available no matter if it was during the day, night, or weekends. They were responsive to what I called about. I appreciated that the owners themselves would call me personally.
Lessie S.
We have had extremely good services from them. We really consider Aware Senior Care a blessing to our family.
Nancy B.
Naturally, when it comes to a loved one, it is a very difficult decision to make to have someone other than a family member care for our dear Mother. Gina and Tim were wonderful in describing their company's mission and goals. Their selection of caregivers was excellent; we could not have chosen better. Additionally, all of the staff we have interacted with (either on the phone or in person) have been incredibly kind, compassionate and professional. Our Mother loves them all and so do we. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Aware Senior Care to anyone. Aware Senior Care has been a blessing to us all.
June S.

Reviews About Caregivers

They are all qualified to do the job and they always do more than we asked to do.
Nancy B.
They come here and know what they are doing and I do not have to organize any of it.
Mary Jo L.
She has a great attitude and she is very caring.
John C.
Our caregiver is patient and understanding. She is also adaptable.
Wofford H.
We got along well because the caregivers were friendly and outgoing. They were our kind of people.
Patricia H.
They get along with her very well and their personalities click. They're a perfect fit for my mother.
Nancy B.
The services are absolutely necessary, and they are good at being aware of our problems and handling them.
Joyce K.
They are good at dealing with patients with dementia. They know how to set his mind at ease when it isn't working very well. They know how to react to his comments even though they are sometimes unusual. They know how to roll with the punches.
James F.
She helps me get around, makes me food, and always asks me what she can do.
Lloyd F.
They take care of my husband and do anything else that I ask them to do. I can't even describe how much better they make my life. They give me the freedom to go out and do what I need to do. It is a wonderful match. I would adopt my caregiver if I could.
Dale J.
They offer peace of mind for me, and they have the same person there day to day. They were personable, caring, and able to communicate with us. They were in my mom's assisted living facility. They provided companionship, made sure my mom was getting care, encouraged her to eat and drink, and were very caring.
Esther K.
They feed him his meals and help him in and out of bed. They are very conscientious about his needs and it's refreshing. I think their caregivers are all very well trained and seem to be very caring.
Leon H.
The caregiver would communicate with my mom. I'd hear them laughing and talking, and that's what she needed. She helped out with showering, light housekeeping, companionship, and medication assistance. I felt confident in being able to leave my mother with the caregiver.
Lessie S.
The overnight caregivers are great. They help with keep him calm at night and with the bathroom. The caregivers are trained in assistance techniques and dementia. I appreciate the compassion, understanding, and awareness of the caregivers. They are understanding of my father's needs and aware of the needs of our family.
Leroy S.
Everyone that Aware Senior Care has sent us has been great. I have never seen anything like my caregivers. Aware Senior Care is able to take my husband to the hospital for rehab and they will take care of anything that comes up. My caregiver is efficient and comes in working hard. If my caregiver gets through with something she will ask if there is anything more she can do. The caregivers are able to get groceries for us and take my husband to rehab. They can take us to the doctor and wash my clothes. They prepare the meals. The caregivers are helpful and when they see if I am not doing good they do what they can to help me.
Ann K.

Industry Reviews

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Reviews by Caregivers

The communication is the best, as soon as you call them, they pick up
Jolaade O.
Whenever I go to work somewhere and do well, they call me to tell me I did a good job. That makes me feel happy.
Veronica N.
I like that they take care of their clients and employees. They are also flexible with the schedule.
Blanca G.
I can't say anything bad about this company. It's one of the best companies that I have worked with in a long time.
Jacqueline B.
They work with my schedule which is really important to me.
Christina A.
They get back to me and they always answer the phone because they have a 24 hour on call nurse. They will text me or call me back.
Tynisha H.
They are flexible and honest with their workers.
Kynyondia S.
They are really honest and they work really well with their employees.
Piyalou H.
Everybody is happy and welcoming. They are so lovely.
Margaret O.
I like that they get in contact with us often, and they give out good incentives. I like the life insurance and 401K. They make sure that I get enough hours for the week. I started with one client, and I've had the same client ever since. We really get along well.
Veronica Y.
They seem very concerned about your satisfaction as a caregiver. They really and truly seem like they are concerned aboutme having a positive experience as a caregiver. Anytime I call, I get someone on the phone and I get an answer. They use words to appreciate me. They have bonuses and prizes for folks who are doing well. I have been recognized from theCEO down to the schedulers.
Josh R.
They know what the clients like. They also know your personality and what you are capable of doing. They want the staff to provide a comfort for the client. They provide me with my hours and they make sure I am on schedule working. Their customer service is perfect. They have great listening skills. They are consistent, and they make sure that all the clients and staff are safe.
Ahunna N.

Professional References

I have known and worked with Gina Murray for twenty years. Ten years in long term care and ten years with Hospice of Wake County (now Transitions), and now as managing a senior care home service. I have always found her to be the essence of excellent nursing care. She has a broad understanding of geriatrics, both in the natural aging process, as well as the chronic disease states that produce disability. I am most impressed by her ability to handle difficult situations and instill confidence in patients and families that all problems will be dealt with and handled in the best way possible. I continue to rely on her to help in the care of my patients and continue to ask her to do the impossible, which she never fails to accomplish.

James S. Parsons MD, Geriatrics, Raleigh NC

Our clinicians at Bayada Home Health have the honor of serving our clients alongside Aware Senior Care as our preferred Home Care partner at both Waltonwood Lake Boone and Stoneridge. Through these partnerships, I have come to be reacquainted with Gina Murray. Gina and I worked together years ago at Hospice of Wake County (now Transitions Life Care). Gina & her husband Tim, own Aware Senior Care.

Well, I have now had an experience that has me wanting to shout their praises even more.

Last night at 10 PM, I received a message from a friend and neighbor of mine. Her father has been on hospice and she reached out as they were entering a new phase of care needs. My friend was asking me for my recommendation on an in-home caregiver agency for her father. Her father lives at an Independent Living Facility (ILF). He and his wife were recently told that he had days to weeks to live. They discussed it as family and decided that they wanted to meet her father's wishes of living out his last days at home and not in a hospital or hospice home if possible.

My friend was looking for a recommendation on in-home caregivers who could support this wish.

At 6 AM this morning, upon seeing my friend's message, I wrote back and told her about Aware Senior Care. She was so thankful to have a trusted recommendation as she knows I've been in the Home Health & Hospice field for over 15 years. Aware Senior Care was the first agency who came to mind.

I ran into my friend while we were walking our dogs this morning around 8:30 AM. She thanked me for my recommendation and shared that she'd be reaching out to Gina & Tim right away.

I am writing to share that my friend messaged me just before Noon today. She wrote, "I cannot thank you enough! Gina just met me at the community to complete an assessment. She is amazing! This has been such a gift. Thank you so much Beth!"

Wowzers!!! Talk about responsiveness! Within three hours of a phone call, on a Saturday morning......Gina was by the bedside of my friend's father. Talk about a partner who reflects the same values as we all do at Bayada Home Health: Compassion, Excellence and Reliability.

I am sharing this with all of our office and field staff on both our Sr. Living side and our Visits side. I wanted to share how good I feel after making this recommendation. Should you have a client (or family/friend) ask for a recommendation of a Home Care agency, Aware Senior Care is one that you can proudly stand behind!

Thank you Gina & Tim for being so helpful and responsive to my friend. Bayada Home Health is so proud to be your Home Health partner!!

Beth Adams, Bayada Home Health Care

Gina Murray, co-owner of Aware Senior Care, has always had a strong clinical background when it comes to geriatric long term care. With her clinical competency as an RN, along with several years of experience in skilled nursing and hospice care, Gina is extremely knowledgeable in providing quality care for your loved one. She is delightful to work with and compassionate to both the family and patient's needs.

Jamie Salamanca, Admissions Director, The Oaks at Whitaker Glen – Mayview

I have known Gina Murray for many years. She has cared for many of my patients in a skilled nursing facility and as an outpatient through Aware Senior Care. She has provided complete assessment and compassionate care in a convenient and affordable manner. She communicated with patients and families regularly, and her work is outstanding. I highly recommend Murray and Aware Senior Care!

William D. Lee MD, MDVIP Raleigh, NC
It was my privilege to work with Gina Murray for a number of years. I first met Gina in 2007 when I served as Vice President of Clinical Operations at Hospice of Wake County and Gina was serving as a Team Leader (a nurse manager position). She managed an interdisciplinary team of hospice staff including nurses, social workers, nursing assistants, spiritual care counselors/chaplains and volunteers. She was well respected by her team and did a great job coordinating multiple staff serving patients in their homes and various nursing facilities in the area. In 2009 we were completing the construction of our new hospice facilities (Hospice of Wake County and now Transitions Life Care) and needed someone to manage and oversee the operations of our 20 bed hospice home. We selected Gina for the position as she had the skills, passion and knowledge to do the job. This was no small task as there were hundreds of details to attend to. In addition to recruiting, hiring and training over 70 new employees she had to assist in developing and administering policies, procedures and guidelines for every aspect of this new operation. Gina is very organized, personable and knowledgeable in every aspect of elder care and end of life care. I had complete faith and trust in her abilities to manage multiple projects and people with the utmost care and integrity. Gina is a people person. She connects well with others and works from both her head and her heart. She genuinely cares for others and is always willing to go the extra mile in her work and serve others way beyond the norm. I was glad to see Gina expand her outreach with a new opportunity in her career where she can continue to use her vast knowledge and serve folks in the elder community. It is her true passion and her gift. I recommend Gina without reservation.
Mark Philbrick, RN, MSN – Director of Education & Volunteer Services, Transitions Life Care
I have known Gina Murray for well over ten years and have observed her nursing skills at both Hospice of Wake County (now Transitions Life Care) and the Oaks of Mayview nursing home. Although she works well with people of all ages, she is especially adept in dealing with the elderly and their families. She displays great patience and empathy in these encounters. She is always pleasant, and in fact, I’ve never seen her when she was not smiling.
William Dunlap, MD and Founder of Hospice of Wake County

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