Reviews about Caregivers

I have had a very nice aide come every day. She will take things out of the dryer or dishwasher for me. She takes care of my incontinence first thing when she comes. She then makes the bed.
Pearl C.
They have made things easier for me. I appreciate that they leave the place really neat and are always so prompt. I like that they've always been prompt, very caring, and nice.
Carol S.
It helps the most by giving me peace of mind. They help with bathing and dressing my mother. They make the bed and are a companion to her. I like the consistency in care.
Mary H.
They've just all been very reliable. She takes care of the house and my mother. The quality of the caregivers is top notch.
Donald and Geraldine C.
They are all compassionate and knowledgeable about caring for someone with dementia.
Gladys B.
They help the most by looking after my wife. They help us by cooking, doing dishes, and cleaning. I like that they are caring, that they work hard, and they do a good job for us. I like that if the Aware staff have questions, they will call me.
She helps me get around, makes me food, and always asks me what she can do. Her name is Cathy and she is very good. I like that she is very compassionate, kind, intensive and we agree on almost everything.
Lonnie F.
They do a really good job at keeping her stimulated. They help her stay active. They take her to her activities and they take her to a painting class.
Nancy B.
The care is excellent. We couldn't do it without someone there.
They help us manage my father's care so it doesn't negatively impact my life.
Don R.
They were very engaging with her and listened well. They were extraordinarily kind to my mom.
Patricia S.
They take care of my husband and do anything else that I ask them to do. I can't even describe how much better they make my life. They give me the freedom to go out and do what I need to do. It is a wonderful match. I would adopt my caregiver if I could.
Dale J.
When I've been there, I've observed she has a loving and caring attitude.
James S.
They were very quick to come to my house. It was comforting to know they were familiar with my situation and wanted to help with whatever I needed. I had to end up going to a spine doctor, but the caregivers were very helpful.
Barbara P.
They offer peace of mind for me, and they have the same person there day to day. They were personable, caring, and able to communicate with us. They were in my mom's assisted living facility. They provided companionship, made sure my mom was getting care, encouraged her to eat and drink, and were very caring.
Esther K.
They offer peace of mind for me, and they have the same person there day to day. She is very attentive to her, and she takes her for walks.
Grace R.
They work with my husband. It's a load off my shoulders that they take care of him.
Gene H.
Our caregiver is very knowledgeable about what she needs to do and does it. She is kind and thoughtful about care.
Rosa M.
I thought the caregivers were personable, friendly, and capable. They really helped my mom and were very well matched. They were just very caring and conscientious about what she needed.
Edith H.
She is punctual, very dependable, and does everything she needs to do. She makes him and me comfortable and we couldn't ask for anything more.
John C.
They seemed skilled in the ability to meet his needs. They were sensitive to his personality and personal needs. If he didn't want to eat, they knew to offer him fresh fruit. They seemed to care about him. They were loving and gentle towards him. They were very sensitive to if he was eating or drinking enough fluid. They helped with toileting and any physical changes. They would let the office know and let me know as well.It made a big impact because the caregivers were trustworthy, accountable, and sensitive to the needs of my mom and dad. They were always on time.
Kenneth S.
They help him with his exercises. They have studied Parkinson's. They have adapted to our environment and what we are trying to do.
Patrick S.
They have worked very hard to do that, and they fill our needs. They have care and a good attitude. They show love and support when she needs it. I like the care they give my wife and the kindness they show her, and they are there to do things that help me.
Kathryn G.
We have one particular caregiver that has bonded really well with Julie. They work well together. Overall, the caregivers are responsible and responsive.
Julie S.
They are very hands on. They make sure my wife is happy all the time.
Jane O.
They feed him his meals and help him in and out of bed. They are very conscientious about his needs and it's refreshing. I think their caregivers are all very well trained and seem to be very caring.
Leon H.
It was a difficult situation, so having them be there and engaging with him on a regular basis was most helpful. The family has had a hard time with that.
Haywood S.
I appreciate that they show up on time. They are good at understanding his needs.
Bob C.
I like that we've had them for years, and they are dependable. The young lady is wonderful. I appreciate that she is dependable and has integrity. The caregiver does light housekeeping and she knows our apartment. She is very thorough.
Patricia H.
The person that did the care was very nice, and she came promptly.
Having a caregiver I can rely on gives me time to do some exercise and other things that I need to do.
Mary H.
The caregiver is on time, pleasant, and attentive. The most helpful part is just having eyes and ears on her and having interaction with her when I am not in the room because I am fixing food or doing laundry.
I appreciate their kindheartedness. I like the quality of the caregivers they send.
Sally T.
The caregivers are very attentive and do their best to help you. In particular our 5 day caregiver. She is outstanding and does everything well. She is fully focused on helping my mother.
The caregiver would communicate with my mom. I'd hear them laughing and talking, and that's what she needed. She helped out with showering, light housekeeping, companionship, and medication assistance. I felt confident in being able to leave my mother with the caregiver.
Lessie S.
It was excellent care and it was very easy to get on board with them.
Raymond D.
The most helpful part is just having eyes and ears on her and having interaction with her when I am not in the room because I am fixing food or doing laundry.
There are several qualities I look for in caregivers: Gentleness, directness, understanding of the current situation that the patient is in, and how they react to that. The caregivers have been up to that standard.
Carol F.
I appreciated that they were loving, caring, kind, and very respectful to us in our home. Anytime I needed anything at all, they were right there. It is a very difficult thing to do, and it was extremely stressful, but the two people in particular who stayed with my mom were very very good and lovely people. My mom really grew to like them a lot.
Maureen D.
My mother is bedridden, and I couldn't be a caregiver for her like the caregivers are. They are patient, they take her to activities, and they are very communicative with my sisters and me. My mother can be quite trying, and the caregivers are patient with her.
Esther K.
Her weekday caregiver has done a great job in helping me keep up with their schedule. She has helped me sort out the housework and determine what things she needs to do when. She helps sort out paperwork issues to for us.
Nancy B.
I know that the caregiver is great, so it gives me confidence at work that my 95 year old mother is being taken care of. My mother has dementia, so she is engaging her through out the day. She will leave notes at night about what they did and any issues my mom had.
Grace R.
They've always showed up on time. Their personalities are a good match.
Helen R.
The overnight caregivers are great. They help with keep him calm at night and with the bathroom. The caregivers are trained in assistance techniques and dementia. I appreciate the compassion, understanding, and awareness of the caregivers. They are understanding of my father's needs and aware of the needs of our family.
Leroy S.
They've helped him with his morning needs, which gives me a break and helps me throughout the day. They know what has to be done and what he wants done every day and they do it.
John C.
They are very courteous, and they listen to what my needs are. They don't try to assume what my needs are. They are here if I need them to help with my mobility.
Louise F.
As a group, since I have four caregivers, they are excellent. They do breakfast and assist him with his work, exercises, training, and Parkinson's work outs. They help us get through the day and help him have the same quality of life that he was accustomed to before he got sick. They help with keeping him on a more normal activity level.
Patrick S.
They all seem to be well-trained. They are very helpful to Jane, and they are polite. Most of them try to engage her as much as she will engage. They will come over, and they feed her lunch. They will brush her teeth and soak her feed. They will do whatever I ask them to. I get to get out of the house more which is really nice.
Jane O.
One of the caregivers was cheerful and helped my loved one clean up. I would use that caregiver again if we needed them.
They have freed me up to do outside activities and to work. It gives me a break once in awhile.
Kathryn G.
We had two caregivers and they were genuinely kind, thoughtful, and also very assuring.
Ida H.
They helped the most with daily living like bathing and dressing.
John S.
I had a stroke a couple of weeks ago. They take care of my husband and it allows me to not worry.
Ollie Y.
They are matched very well. She is kind and soft spoken. She pays full attention to Dad.
Dale J.
Our caregiver is completely tuned in. We appreciate that our caregiver is faithful and dependable. We trust her to be in our home when we aren't there.
Patricia H.
It has been definitely outstanding because I'm able to know my dad is being looked after. I'm able to not have to worry and take care of other responsibilities that I have.
Kenneth S.
It has helped tremendously just being here to help my mother in her ADLs.
Lessie S.
They go on walks with my dad. They did well in engaging in conversation that my loved one enjoyed participating in.
James M.
I feel like I can leave my mother in their hands. I do not feel like I need to worry about her.
Teresa W.
They are very professional and do a good job. It is a tough job, and they do a very good job.
Haywood S.
They were very attentive and they did whatever I needed. They were quick to do things.
Nancy B.
They are very kind, and they are very concerned with my mom and keep her engaged. They are lovely people. My children call them saints.
Ruth E.
I like their responsiveness, and for the most part, I thought they had good people were working for them. I like that they were a little bit smaller compared to others.
The care allowed me to go to work and be confident that my loved one would be well cared for.
Bill A.
She went above and beyond with the needs of my mother.
Rowena P.
They helped me the most by taking care of my mom.
Patricia K.
One of them in particular would call me when my mother wanted to talk to me. They were able to communicate with them easily, and they were very flexible. They were also very kind.
Gladys G.
They are reliable, compassionate, attentive, and friendly. I like that they create a relationship with my loved one.
Charles T.
They cook, do light cleaning, and care for my mother-in-law.
Hilda C.
Tammy is excellent, she makes sure that my dad is doing OK, and when he is awake she goes and makes sure that he is comfortable.
Jack T.
She is very caring and honest.
Robin G.
I had very good people coming to my home and working for me here.
I like that the caregivers are compassionate, thoughtful, and that they think ahead.
Barbara C.
We have set a standard of activities we want performed and my caregiver has worked towards completing those activities.
Robin G.
It's made my life way easier. When I've been there visiting and a caregiver has been at my dad's place, I've been very impressed with the way they handled my father.
Anthony M.
There are some things that I couldn't do if I didn't have help.
Jane O.
It's been a tremendous help because I could not do all they do.
Paton K.
They cried when she passed away. A lot of them had personal experience and they knew exactly what the stages of death were and that helped me a lot. They were with me from the beginning to the end of the journey.
Patricia S.
Our caregiver is just a great gal. I know she likes to get the Sunday paper coupons, and so I save them for her. She'll go to the store for us and do anything. I don't question her loyalty at all.
Patricia H.
She is prompt in getting here everyday. She is reliable and seems compassionate and caring.
Lessie S.
They helped me with my home care, and that was outstanding.
Anthony B.
They have pleasant personalities and they show respect.
Coralyn S.
Most of them have an incredibly strong work ethic, they see what needs to be done and do it without needing to be told. They do it every day, and they don't wait to be instructed.
John and Maggie S.
They show a lot of concern. They were on time. When they were here they did what I asked them to do. They would do things without being asked. They were willing and competent.
Erin M.
They came to take care of my wife and they helped her use the bathroom and they were very helpful.
Janis S.
We just got a new caregiver for my mother, but on her first day we saw that she followed directions and seemed to have a good relationship with my mother.
Grace R.
Maryann made my mother an Ohio State afghan, and it is very attractive because my mother loves Ohio State.
Roslyn R.
Linda, my caregiver, fixes my food and arranges slices of apples on a plate. She doesn't just make food, but she arranges it nicely.
Joan A.
The team is regular and trustworthy.
Kenneth S.
Kadie is experienced and enjoys being able to help someone who needs help.
Haywood S.
I appreciated that they provided safety in the shower for my husband.
Leonard M.
They would talk with my mom and she was comfortable with them.
Janis S.
The services have made my life a lot easier because I don't constantly worry about my mother and I don't have to be constantly at my mother's home.
Sue W.
They keep my aunt active and moving around the home.
Florence E.
They're very friendly and will have conversations with her.
Willie C.
The caregivers help her with going to the bathroom because of the fact that she can't use her right hand. They are very personable when they bathe her and take care of her needs, and they do it to our satisfaction.
Greta P.
I appreciate that she's friendly and personable. She's also intelligent, caring, and compassionate.
Julie S.
I like the dependability of Lilly.
Al B.
They keep the house secured and always ask my mom what she wants to eat and what she wants to do. They help take care of her dog too, and remind her of her medications.
Barbara C.
I appreciate that she's dependable, she's there, she wants to be there, and I like the experience that she has.
Helen R.
They get along well because of their personalities. I appreciate their positive attitudes.
Hilda C.
She's always on time, and when she's there, she likes to stay busy. She knows instinctively what to do.
Joyce E.
It decreases my work load and I'm able to plan to go places, and they're willing to help me get there. The light housekeeping has been wonderful.
Patricia H.
They gave me the ability to have free time to do what I needed to do.
Michelle L.
Life is easier by having a caregiver, someone who can cook, and help my husband when I am too busy.
Paton K.
The caregivers are always ready to help, even if they are doing something else.
Greta P.
They choose the right person for the job. They're very nice, competent, and willing to do anything I need.
Sylvia R.
She is always willing to do whatever I ask her to do, and she does extra things that I do not ask her to do.
Jane O.
Aware Senior Care is attentive and I feel like they make sure the client is taken care of.
Lessie S.
The caregiver is able to change my loved one in a timely fashion, scheduling to change her every couple of hours, and always being available for her.
Dorothy C.
The caregivers love my loved one. They show compassion in the way they take care of them. One of them is very affectionate physically by giving hugs.
Kathryn G.
The caregivers show compassion well by helping my mom, who is diabetic, and has called me regarding the dietary needs when my mom expressed being tired of eating certain foods. I appreciate that they take the time to listen and to call me.
Barbara G.
The caregiver from Aware Senior Care checks my mom's feed, assists her in making lunch, keeps her on routine, and gives her conversation and companionship throughout the day.
Grace R.
The caregiver is pleasant and she knows when to help with things. She is attentive to our needs.
Jane O.
My caregiver is a very caring person. She has a personality that shows me that she cares in doing the things I need. I don't have to point out things, she knows how to do the things that I need.
Ethel M.
The caregivers show that they care by emptying the trash can and taking it with them when they leave because my mom cannot really do this for herself.
Mary K.
The caregiver understood my mother and when I talked to her, she would pay attention. She could anticipate my mother's needs.
Eva W.
The caregiver from Aware Senior Care is smart, personable, and very good.
Henry Y.
Aware Senior Care had personable care. My grandmother often looked forward to seeing a certain caregiver, and another caregiver was teaching her Polish.
Evelyn A.
Our caregiver from Aware Senior Care treats the client with respect and they are able to adapt to what the client wants them to do.
James G.
The caregiver was very concerned about my husband and did all she could to help him out. Diane's care was natural and didn't seem like a job for her.
Lorenzo B.
The caregiver would go above and beyond and it was obvious that she loved doing what she did.
Eva W.
Aware Senior Care is very punctual, very friendly, and very helpful with whatever you need done.
Gerald L.
The caregivers from Aware Senior Care have shown a good work ethic by prompt, clean, showing up, and doing the job. Aware Senior Care is prompt, thoughtful, and they do what they say they are going to do.
Patricia H.
My caregivers from Aware Senior Care are very prompt, pleasant, and I get along with all of them.
Joan A.
Aware Senior Care is prompt and efficient in what they do.
Geraldine M.
The caregiver is kind and I can tell she cares deeply about my mother.
Peggy R.
My mother's caregiver is very helpful and kind. The caregiver is very kind and good at listening to my mother. The caregiver is a friend to my mother and converses with her. The caregiver is kind and I can tell she cares deeply about my mother.
Kim R.
Everyone that Aware Senior Care has sent us has been great. I have never seen anything like my caregivers. Aware Senior Care is able to take my husband to the hospital for rehab and they will take care of anything that comes up. My caregiver is efficient and comes in working hard. If my caregiver gets through with something she will ask if there is anything more she can do. The caregivers are able to get groceries for us and take my husband to rehab. They can take us to the doctor and wash my clothes. They prepare the meals. The caregivers are helpful and when they see if I am not doing good they do what they can to help me.
Ann K.
The caregiver is dependable, polite, helpful, and respectful. My aunt is almost 97 and they are very kind to her. My aunts big challenge at night is getting up to go to the restroom. The caregivers are right there with her making sure she doesn't fall. The caregivers use nice words. My aunt is very deaf and the caregivers don't get frustrated. They keep trying till they understand what she wants.
Dorothy O.
The caregiver shows a lot of attention to the client.
Terri C.
The caregivers are very intuitive and they look for ways to help the most. The caregivers really talk to my mom to find out what she really needs.
Laurie S.
All of the caregivers that I have had have gone out of their way to make things easier for me and they will ask me if it is the right way I need. The caregivers from Aware Senior Care are very capable. Aware Senior Care really does a great job with providing caregivers.
Julie S.
The caregivers are friendly, considerate, and some are quite loving. They give her hugs.
Nancy S.
Sandra has helped me in daily chores so that I can function much more smoothly even driving me to select Christmas gifts and helping me get snapshots arranged in a frame or album. Linda and Judy are also excellent!
Pat and Brooks H.
Promptness all especially Kayona. Willing to please. Professionalism. Knowledgeable especially Kayona.
Anne and Paton K.
Adrina and CJ both connected well with Kathryn. Adrina was more hands-on cleaning and CJ wanted to please Kathryn in every way and very loving.
Mike G.
The fact that you sent someone when I arrived to help me was quite impressive. She arrives early in the morning and with a sense of my needs and proceeds to get them done.Severa is quite responsible. She gives me breakfast and administers morning medication. She also helps me keep the house in order without me asking.
Barbara G.
Diane is very caring and genuinely concerned.
Ann B.
Christina, Lorna, and Carrie have been excellent. They all go beyond the call of duty. I appreciate their attitude and willingness to do what makes me comfortable.
Dorothy S.
Megan always has a smile and insists on doing the little things like dumping the trash cans.
Richard T.
Megan is excellent in many ways: Cheerfulness, prompt, the details!
Sarah A.
Linda was very caring and responsive. If in the future I need a care giver I would ask for her.
Chuck E.
Tasha is doing a great job working with Jane. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Tasha. Aware Senior Care has been very helpful in providing experienced and competent caregivers to take of my wife. They have worked with me to try to find a schedule that works for our situation and they have been very flexible as we have tried to figure out the best caregiver for Jane.
Keith O
Annette always seemed to go above and beyond what was expected. She showed a concern for the welfare of my mother.
Jean W.
We really appreciate the consistent communication and the efforts the staff makes to stay in touch.
Carolee N.
I can’t praise one caregiver, each one I’ve have had has been awesome.
Dorothy S.
Lorna the CNA was incredible. Very compassionate and great with Mom. Gina, my first point of contact with Aware Care, was also fantastic. She understood where we were in the madness and acted immediately to help and was very supportive!
Miriam K.
The home care workers were very efficient and friendly.
Virginia M.
Severra, Josie and Diane have all spent multiple hours with our dear Mother. They have all been absolutely wonderful with her. They care for her as if she were their own family member. They have all made us feel very comfortable with Mom in their care. We truly do not worry when we are out and about. Mom is always in great hands.
June S.
Tammy is thorough in all she does. She is always a step ahead of me in what needs to be done. She is a good cook. She is quiet and pleasant. Her cooking for us and running errands to grocery stores and banks helps a great deal. She is simply the best person anyone could have.
Ann K.
I really appreciate DeLynn. Josie is excellent and I appreciate her.
Theresa C.
Sandra A. is an outstanding caregiver.
Vickie B.
From the beginning of my meeting Josie, I felt that we would become friends - and we have. She seems to anticipate things I need to do which makes the time meaningful.
Barbara C.
We have had Jeanne Jones since the beginning. I can't tell you how much I appreciate her love and care. It really shows in her work!
Melissa B.
Josie is very caring and attentive to the needs of Marilyn C.
Robert C.
LaTonya and Danielle were absolutely fabulous with my Dad! He felt so comfortable with both of them! I've seen my Dad cry once in my entire life and he teared up when he had to say goodbye to LaTonya and Danielle! And every time I called the office and talked to Laura or Jill they were so helpful and friendly! I felt like I'd known them both for years.
Lura C.
Josie has been a very important part of our family and has given us a sense of security knowing that mom has someone who can check on her and provide companionship when we aren't available.
Kim R.
Tammy W. was friendly, positive, enthusiastic and encouraging - fun to be around. I was pleased with the companionship Tammy provided me and the support she gave me.
Virginia D.
Vinnie, Tina, Diedra, and Amanda all were caring, involved, concerned about Chris.
Rick C.
Our three caregivers, Judy, Josie, and Kelly were all great. Professional and friendly - Very important to us. Keep doing what you're doing!
Chuck S.
Iesha and Olivia have been fantastic. Camille is still kind of new to us, but I have been very pleased with her so far. Lorna and Judy are very good with Jane and she seems to like all of them.
Keith O.
Based on my experience after a fall in my home, I would highly recommend Aware Senior Care to provide first class service to those requiring in-home assistance. Gina is a very caring professional who is very attentive to meeting the requested needs.
Mary D.
We needed a service to sit with Dad overnight and Aware Care was able to provide someone very quickly. Once we contacted Aware, we didn't have to worry about much after that.
Simon G.
On Wednesday afternoons when Kelly is with Mom, I can breathe and escape for a few hours without any worries. I know she is well cared for and safe.
Lisabeth C.
Pamela, my sister Bettie's primary caregiver, is excellent. A warm, compassionate, intelligent person, she is always looking for things to do for Bettie. And she is a fabulous cook!I have not met Josie, but I know that Bettie likes her very much. I also wanted to commend Sharon Kilpatrick. Whenever we've called the office, she is so warm and friendly - and a great problem-solver. She is a pleasure to work with.Aware Senior Care is an excellent home care agency. We have found their central staff, as well as their carefully selected caregivers, both compassionate and competent. This is an agency where the patient always comes first.
Margaret K.
Aware Senior Care has done a great job providing the extra social resources necessary to keep my mom active.
Mary Ann M.
I am most impressed with the service and have recommended you to several of my friends in need and will continue to do so.It is difficult to meet everyone's needs, but your service has done a great job of trying to do that. I will continue to recommend you to anyone who I hear needs care. I have also told several people to call and apply to work for you.
Kay S.
Our caregiver (Barbara) is interactive with us and looks for ways that she can be of special help. No question I’ll promote your agency to all I interact with.
Harold P.
Caregivers and the company owners were all exceptional, considerate and willing do what was requested by me.
Mary E.