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Veterans can receive Aid and Attendance from the VA, but what resources are trustworthy for seniors in Raleigh? Learn more about

How to Apply for the Aid and Attendance Pension via

The Aid and Attendance pension application process can be an intimidating process, but there are readily available resources that assist veterans from the beginning to the end of the process. offers an abundance of information on the pension by describing the specifics of the pension and by providing a forum where veterans can connect with other veterans and ask questions while sharing their expertise.

Before beginning the Aid and Attendance pension application process, the individual can check their eligibility by answering a few questions on the website.  At the end of the questionnaire, the results of the eligibility will appear. The website streamlines the process by breaking the application process into three detailed steps which can all be found under the apply tab. Under step 1, the website describes and provides links to all the necessary documents that are vital during the application process.

Under step 2, the website provides the links for the necessary VA application form. Finally, step 3 supplies the main addresses for the veteran to mail out their application. For even more details, please navigate throughout the webpage.

Which Aid and Attendance Pension Resources are Trustworthy?

Veterans and their families should be aware that companies charging for their services regarding the completion of VA forms is illegal! This applies for nursing homes and assisted living facilities that pay a specialist to assist with the resident’s application. The VA acknowledges the formal legality of service charges only when consultants are offering information for a fee.
There are exceptions to the rule. If the claim was denied the first time, an accredited person can charge a service fee but that is only after the approval by the Office of the General Counsel in Washington D.C.  However, it is legal for a consultant to charge a fee for information and is an acceptable practice allowed by VA.
Charging a fee to prepare, present, and prosecute a claim is a punishable offense. Charging a fee for information may include advice on what information is required, guidance on the VA’s asset test, and recommendation of documents. Once the consultant gives the client the information for a fee, they typically send them to a veterans’ service organization to complete the application at no charge.
Be cautious of pension poachers. These individuals pry on veterans who are in need of help with the VA pension application process. Their fees can be exorbitant¬—ranging from $1,500 to $10,000 or more. It looks legitimate until they start to consistently demand for credit card payments. When they attempt to help veterans move all their assets into a trust, this raises a red flag; they are attempting to conceal the veteran’s money in an effort to make the individual to appear more of a qualified applicant.
Be wary of an organization that goes by American Veterans Aid. They are infamous for their scheming tactics. If you come across any organization that appears to be poaching off of veterans, report them to the VA Office of Inspector General and the VA office of Counsel.
To check the accreditation on a consultant, refer to this link. This article recognizes three types of VA accredited consultants: accredited attorneys, accredited agents, and accredited representatives of service organizations.
For more information about accreditation: Link was found by Debbie Burak. Her mission was to educate veterans and their families about their pension benefits. provides assistance to veterans during the daunting application process for the Aid and Attendance pension. The Aid and Attendance pension provides a monthly benefit amount for veterans who needs assisted living due to mental or physical disabilities.

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