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Tim Murray of Aware Senior Care responds to a News and Observer article regarding the Cary Community Plan. It also discussed assisted living and home care accommodations for seniors in the triangle area, specifically Cary and Morrisville.

Recently, the Cary News (a community coverage publication of Cary in the Raleigh News and Observer) published an article by Henry Gargan (Twitter) about the changing demographics and growth considerations for the towns of Cary and Morrisville.  You can find the original article here.

Facilities and transportation seem to be the primary focal points for the town governments in tackling these issues.

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Response to the Cary Community Plan discussion:

We would agree Cary should focus time on the aging because it’s been an issue for quite some time now.  Additionally, we would agree Cary should spend some time and focus on looking at facilities.  However, facilities alone are not the answer.

They’re maybe 30% of the answer.  My big question is “What is Cary doing about supporting aging in place?”  People for the most part want or desire to stay in their home.  Transportation is a big issue, but it goes beyond that.

It takes a village to support seniors, the chronically ill, and the disabled to live well and safely at home.  What should be part of the community plan study for Morrisville and Cary are services and products that help people remain in their home such as in-home care, home health, transportation, in-home meal delivery, life alert technology, and mobile dentistry just to name a few.

You can already see neighborhoods banding together forming their own “village” through applications available on your smartphone like NextDoor.  A major obstacle here is most seniors don’t use or have smartphones.

We applaud our great towns of Cary and Morrisville looking deeply at supporting the aging population. However we would like to see you expand your thinking to go beyond the evaluation of the quality and amount of facilities like Independent Living, Assisted Living, CCRCs and Skilled Nursing to an array or trusted services that support aging in the home.

Great article.  Thank you, Henry!


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