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We came across this comprehensive description on the Quicken Loans site on veterans benefits. We thought we would pass along.

As a veteran, you have given your time, energy, and your health to serve our country. A grateful country has many ways in which to give back: veterans’ services are one of those. Overseen by the Department of Veterans Affairs – or the VA, as it’s commonly known – veterans’ services are an important part of preserving a high quality of life for veterans and their caregivers.

Veterans’ services are just one small way in which the country can give back to its honored veterans, and Congress is trying to improve its offerings. One current attempt at this is the Military and Veteran Caregiver Services Improvement Act of 2017. If this act is passed, it will expand the financial, legal, and childcare services given to disabled or ill veterans and their caregivers.

This is just one example of the many services and programs that are available. From buying a home to getting health insurance and planning for a stable financial future, today’s veterans have many opportunities available to them, and planning for the future requires knowledge of them.

Sadly, statistics indicate that all too many veterans aren’t getting the services they deserve and are entitled to.

For example, almost 2 million veterans and 3.8 million household members of veterans’ households do not have health insurance – just one of the services available to veterans.

Besides this great resource the State of North Carolina also has a great one stop support with Unite US.  As we previously posted Unite US is a free platform connecting current military service members, veterans and their families to transformative resources and opportunities in their local communities.

These opportunities include networking outlets with veterans organizations, peers and civilian supporters. With its interactive, proximity-mapping technology, Unite US members and organizations are able to capitalize on assets within their immediate and national community.

Read the full description on the One Reverse Mortgage web site.

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