questions to ask when choosing your home care agency

Choosing a home care agency is an important step to helping your loved one live well and thrive at home. We help families do this every day – and we walked through the process for our own parents too. It can be a daunting process when you begin, and you want to find the right match. Caregivers should be reliable, consistent and kind in their daily work with every client.

In our latest “Senior Spotlight” column in Wake Living, we’ve pulled together 5 important questions to ask when you’re choosing a home care agency.

Excerpt from “5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Home Care Agency”

It can be a challenge to choose a home care agency. I remember when I started looking for home care for my mother, Emily, in upstate New York. Hundreds of home care agencies came up when I typed “home care Warren County NY” into Google. I thought “Where do I start? How can I tell the good agencies from the bad ones?”

From this experience and after nearly five years of talking to families about home care, we’ve developed a process to help families make a decision regarding home care. The first thing to consider is what’s really important to you. The answers typically include…

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