Nursing Care

Your loved one wants to remain at home, but needs patient care that only a registered nurse provides at a hospital. Examples include:

  • Wound care
  • IV medications
  • Medication administration
  • Catheter care

What are your options?

If someone needs services like those listed above, their doctor may order Home Health services and those home nursing visits would be covered by medical insurance, including Medicare. Home Healthcare agencies typically schedule visits a few days each week.

They will rarely perform the service daily because insurance companies, including Medicare, will not pay for daily visits. The Home Health nurse will teach the client, a family member, or friend how to perform the task.

However, there may be times when the client and/or their loved ones are unwilling or unable to perform the tasks.

Aware Senior Care is licensed for Nursing Care, as well as Home Care, and a nurse performs visits as often as they are needed.

Just the thought of managing a loved one’s IV medication or changing the bandage on a wound may be very frightening to an older adult. They may be concerned about their ability to do it correctly and the possible consequences if they make a mistake.

Their eyesight, their manual dexterity, and/or their thought process may prevent them from being successful at the task. We have heard from loved ones including spouses, adult children, and grandchildren that there are some tasks they simply do not feel capable of doing, nor do they want to try. They are relieved to know we can help.

Nursing Care Services in Action

One afternoon, we received a call from a frantic gentleman. He explained that his wife was being discharged from the hospital and she was going to need daily intravenous therapy (IV therapy) at home. He was told the Home Health agency would set it up the first day and then teach him how to do it.

The gentleman said he was 85 years old and was uncomfortable with doing this. He was very relieved when we told him that we could help. We talked about our teamwork with Home Health agencies and scheduled a time to meet with the gentleman and his wife.

During our meeting with this client, we completed a comprehensive assessment and told them how we could help. We coordinated with the Home Health agency and scheduled visits on the days the Home Health nurse would not be there.

During our visits, we offered to teach the husband or a family member/friend how to set up and then stop the therapy. He appreciated the offer, but felt more comfortable at the thought of a professional handling this task.

The client had a successful recovery at home and we were glad to be part of her care team.

Our nurses can also be scheduled for extended visits during which they perform medication administration and personal care services. This is especially helpful to a family caring for their frail loved one who needs medication frequently during the night. Additionally, the extra time for sleep with care in place can significantly improve your well-being.

Caregivers working for health care agencies who provide Home Care services can do the personal care, but are not permitted to administer medication. They must awaken the family member to do this. Additionally, caregivers must be informed by their agency that assisting in such a task requires adhering to strict guidelines and regulations that vary from state to state.

In contrast, when our nurse is there, she can keep the client comfortable through medications, turning/re-positioning, and personal hygiene care.

The family members can sleep all night and then be able to enjoy time with the loved one during the day. Our nursing care plans include administering medications and extended visits. Families have found that overnight skilled nursing visits provide great relief. Families have found that overnight skilled nursing visits provide great relief.

Our home nursing in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding area not only means excellent care, it means peace of mind.

If you’re interested in learning more or think you may need nursing care services, contact us with this form.