Another year is in the books, and if you’re a family caregiver, it’s been a year dedicated to providing a most crucial role: meeting the needs of someone you love.  But between the normal stressors of being a family caregiver and the extra pressure of the pandemic, it’s a very challenging time to care for aging loved ones. Even with the added pressure, it’s still easy to get caught up in trying to be the perfect caregiver – doing everything on time, never forgetting anything, always being on top of chores – these pressures can often weigh you down and turn you into your own biggest critic. As caregiver guilt creeps in, it can even become overwhelming. 

We here at Home Care Assistance know that the pressures of being a caregiver for someone else can make you forget to care for yourself, but this year, we want to help you with that! 

In 2022, we encourage you as a family caregiver to make time for yourself. Whether it be through an hour of self-care every night, weekend getaways, or Home Care Assistance’s respite care services, we want you to make firm resolutions that help you remember to give yourself a little TLC this upcoming year! If you need suggestions for a great New Year’s resolution list for family caregivers, don’t worry. We can help with that too!

Here are some suggestions for resolutions that can help with self-care in 2022:

  1. Make time to decompress – Caring for a loved one is challenging in so many ways. At some point, you’ll need some time to sit back and release the stress from your day-to-day caregiving duties. And remember, taking this time also helps you avoid caregiver burnout.
  2. Embrace time with aging loved ones – Although your time as a family caregiver can have its ups and downs, focus on the positives. As you spend time with aging loved ones, try to remember that you are getting to make valuable memories with them. Focus on the bright side of your time together to help yourself stay positive!
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – There is no shame in asking for help as a family caregiver. Getting assistance from another caregiver doesn’t have to lead to caregiver guilt. In fact, it’ll give you the time to unwind so you can give your best to the aging loved one you care for!
  4. Don’t stress over things you can’t control – Sometimes, caregiver guilt can rear its head when aging loved ones are having struggles we can’t help. Remember, you’re doing your best, and you can’t control everything. Go easy on yourself, and don’t obsess over the things you can’t control as a family caregiver.
  5. Remember, self-love is the best love! – It’s easy to lose yourself in caregiving, and taking time for yourself can often cause caregiver guilt. This year, make it a point to love and care for yourself as much as you do for aging loved ones! Getting back to yourself can help reinvigorate you as you continue in the caregiving role, and there’s no guilt in that!

Now it’s time to take the above suggestions and get your own list of resolutions going! It can make a big difference as a caregiver in the upcoming year. Remember, caregiving isn’t about perfection. Managing your expectations and extending some grace to yourself can be a major game changer in handling caregiver stress. Caregiving is also not all about the person you’re caring for. Caring for yourself is just as important as caring for a loved one, and making it a priority can drastically change your caregiver experience for the better!

If you need extra help in making time for yourself, Home Care Assistance offers respite care in Raleigh and the surrounding areas that can help! Our professional team of caregivers can help take over your responsibilities while you unwind and decompress. If you’d like to hear more about our senior home care in Raleigh, NC and the surrounding areas, contact us online or at 919-436-1871 to hear more!