I Know What Services I Need and Who Is Going to Provide Them. Now What?

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Hopefully we are your agency of choice. That said, we designed this section of our site to explain how we go from a discussion on the phone to starting services. We feel our process, “The Aware Holistic Approach,” is unique because we believe in taking a holistic approach with every client by considering the whole person, whether or not we directly provide the services they need.

We think beyond just home care. We focus on what the individual and family need and form a plan that often includes other agencies and services. Remember, it takes a village!

Here are the steps we take when beginning home care:

  1. Phone evaluation: We do a lot of listening to understand your current situation. The core question is, how can we help you or how can we help your Mom and/or Dad? After listening to your feedback, we will ask specific questions about all aspects of daily living to get the best overall picture of your situation. If we feel we can provide help, we will recommend an in-home assessment.
  2. Free in-home assessment for home care: A registered nurse conducts an in-depth assessment for each client to determine what services are needed and to identify risks in the home. The client’s daily routines, medical history, health status, memory issues, safety concerns and emotional well-being are all considered during this process. A customized Plan of Care is developed from this information. There is no cost or obligation for the in-home care assessment. Our goal is to make sure we are the right fit for your home care needs. (Please note, for cases not requiring personal care we will send one of our care coordinators to manage the assessment.)
  3. Plan of care: This plan is developed during and after the in-home assessment. With the information from the assessment and input from the client and loved ones, a plan of care is developed. The plan outlines tasks and a schedule for services the client will receive. Our caregiver’s first visit will begin by reviewing this plan with the client, family, agency supervisor, and caregiver.
  4. Signed service agreement: We will not start service, which includes scheduling caregivers, without a signed service agreement. The service agreement describes our commitment to you as your home care agency, and details the scope of our services and what we do in emergencies. It also describes what we are asking of you, including your care plan and the cost. We also provide a client bill of rights which describes your rights as a client. This service agreement can be cancelled at any time.
  5. First day of home care: On the first day of care, one of our nurses or care coordinators will come to the home to introduce the caregiver. It’s a big step for a family member to accept care from a complete stranger, so we go to great lengths to make this a soft and family-like introduction. We have been told this is unique in the home care agency. We feel it is important to put our client at ease and it demonstrates our respect for our caregiver when we make them feel comfortable during the introduction process.

Read more about our Aware holistic approach by visiting our blog: A Holistic Approach to Providing Home Care Services by Gina Murray, RN/BSN and Founder of Aware Senior Care.

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