As our loved ones get older, they may encounter roadblocks when it comes to living a full and happy life. Sometimes, these roadblocks might result in “geriatric failure to thrive”. This is a generalized medical condition encompassing symptoms such as inertia, loss of appetite, weight loss, and poor nutrition or eating habits. These symptoms can then manifest as a failure to thrive in older adults, which may present as malnutrition, impaired physical function, depression, and cognitive impairment. In order to help seniors live their best lives and avoid a failure to thrive, sometimes regular support and compassionate care is needed. A professional home care provider, such as Aware Senior Care, has various ways for helping seniors thrive at home: 

  1. Professional home care can provide social support and companionship to a lonely senior. Socializing can help battle depression and slow the rate of cognitive decline in seniors, ensuring they remain engaged well into their golden years. 
  2. In situations where older adults cannot drive, caregivers can provide transportation to and from fun outings in order to keep the senior in touch with family and friends. 
  3. A caregiver can even help seniors navigate the digital world such as how to use Zoom to keep in touch with out-of-town family, social media like Facebook or even digital music platforms to listen to favorite old tunes. 
  4. Caregivers can prepare wholesome and delicious meals to ensure that a senior loved one is getting the nutrients needed to thrive. Senior malnutrition is on the rise, especially in situations where seniors are isolated and cannot easily shop or cook for themselves, so an in-home caregiver can be an excellent resource. 
  5. An in-home caregiver can encourage the senior to re-engage with old hobbies or pastimes. Caregivers are the perfect partner for games, crafts, and activities, and this can bring joy and a sense of purpose to a senior’s day.
  6. Caregivers can ensure that physician-approved exercise plans are being followed, and even make the experience more enjoyable for the senior. 

Through all of these ways and many more,  “geriatric failure to thrive” can be prevented or lessened through the support of an in-home care provider.  

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