Suffering a heart attack or stroke can potentially have traumatic effects on aging adults and greatly affect their steps to recovery at home after being discharged from the hospital. From changes in diet, to physical activity, to stress levels, it can become overwhelming for both the senior and their family caregiver. Providing care after a hospitalization often means restructuring the senior’s care plan to better fit their needs, and that’s where home care after a heart attack or stroke can be a lifesaver. 

Getting started

As a family caregiver, figuring out where to start after a loved one returns home from the hospital can be challenging. A professional home care company, such as Home Care Assistance of Raleigh, can meet with you at the hospital before discharge or at your home to develop a customized plan of care, taking into consideration both physical and psychological needs for recovery at home. Coping with the aftereffects of the stroke or heart attack may put the senior at risk for anxiety or depression as they begin their recovery. A home care agency can connect you with resources to help as well as help manage any new medications. The agency can ensure medications are taken as prescribed, answering questions about the medications and monitoring for any negative side effects. Additionally, the home care agency can help schedule and provide transportation to doctor’s appointments throughout the recovery process.

What can I do at home to help prepare?

After you’ve established how the aging adult’s needs may change after a stroke or heart attack, you can start the process of preparing the home for their arrival. The effects of a stroke or heart attack will look different from person to person. Through an in-home assessment, a home care agency can provide custom tips on how to make the home more comfortable for someone recovering from a heart attack or stroke, such as:

  • If mobility has been limited, think about adding a lazy susan in the kitchen or replacing the cabinets with pull-out shelves.
  • In the bathroom, grab bars near the shower and toilet can help the senior stay as independent as possible if they’ve suffered decreased mobility.
  • For the bedroom, keep a commode chair close to the bed.

Once you’ve prepared the home and the care plan has been determined, you’ll be ready to help your loved one settle in as safely as possible while recovering in the comfort of home. Don’t worry if a lot of questions arise. It is to be expected, and Home Care Assistance of Raleigh can help you get the answers you need to common worries such as, “Will I still be able to do my favorite activities?” or “What diet changes will I need to make?”

Be sensitive to the senior’s needs and careful not to inundate them with too much information all at once. Rather, in an encouraging and patient way, introduce the changes around the house slowly, reassuring them that they are in the best possible hands for care. It may seem overwhelming at first, but with Home Care Assistance of Raleigh, you will have an experienced care partner by your side as you all settle into the new circumstances.

If you would like help welcoming an aging adult back into their home after suffering a heart attack or stroke, Home Care Assistance of Raleigh is here for you! We offer home care services in Raleigh and the nearby areas that can help implement and maintain the changes an aging adult may need after a heart attack or stroke, and we would be happy to help! If you’d like to hear more, contact us today online or at 919-436-1871 for more information.