gocary transportation

GoCary is a wonderful door-to-door transportation service. What is GoCary Transportation?

You can think of it as Uber that is tailored to seniors. Their mission aims to: “Provide safe, clean, reliable, and efficient transit service by responding to changing needs and focusing on service as our highest priority.”

The concept was developed in 2000 by the Cary Senior Citizens and Citizens with Disabilities Task Force, appointed by the Cary City Council. Once the planning and logistics were finalized in 2001, the C-Tran began providing door-to-door service for seniors and those with disabilities. The service began its operations in Cary, but soon evolved to include out of town trips for medical appointments, employment opportunities, and school transportation for elderly students.

By 2003, the C-Tran expanding its offerings to the general public. However, once the C-Tran had fixed routes established throughout Cary, the door-to-door service offering was reduced back to seniors and the disabled once more.

The service does not function like taxi companies do. It is a shared-ride, reservation-based service that requires potential passengers to be approved by the city.

If you have a loved one that needs transportation at a good cost, we recommend you register them with GoCary by calling 919-481-2020 (ext. 3) or you can visit their website www.townofcary.org/gocary for an application.