elderly parent refuses care

It can be difficult to watch our loved ones age, particularly when their health begins to fail. And it’s even more difficult when an elderly parent refuses care (home care or home health) and basic support.

In our latest “Senior Spotlight” column for Wake Living, we delve into this topic and offer some guidance for those of you facing this situation right now.

Excerpt from “What to Do When an Elderly Parent Refuses Care”

After five years, there’s one question my wife, Gina, and I hear more than any other from our clients: “What do I do when my loved one refuses care?” This has become an almost daily occurrence in our office:

  • “My parents said they never needed help before and they’re not going to change now.”
  • “My parents refuse to pay someone to help them do things they feel they should be doing on their own.”
  • “I can’t talk to my parents over the phone about getting help. We just start fighting.”
  • “I know they need help, but I just don’t know how to convince them.”

Aging can be difficult and accepting our limitations even harder. Aging parents may feel that admitting they need help is a weakness. They may be embarrassed to have their children care for them, rather than the other way around. Or, they simply can’t afford help. We’ve got a few tips for you to help navigate this difficult conversation…

Read our column in the Summer 2019 issue of the magazine here – and let us know how we can help if your elderly parent refuses care!