When an aging adult you love is diagnosed with dementia, creating a dementia-friendly home for them becomes extremely important. Creating a safe, accommodating space for aging adults with dementia can help with their physical safety, as well as their mental and emotional health, and TheKey of North Carolina can help!

Here are a few easy ways to help in creating a dementia-friendly home for an aging loved one: 

  1. Remove excess clutter – Making sure the areas an aging loved one frequently uses are clear of clutter can make it easier for them to identify the items they need throughout the house.
  2. Leave room doors open – Sometimes, an aging adult can get confused in their living space and forget where certain rooms are in the house. You can help by making sure that you leave doors open throughout the house so they can identify rooms more easily. You can even consider making signs for each room.
  3. Add home safety accessories around the house – If mobility becomes an issue, adding safety accessories such as grab bars to the bathroom or ramps instead of steps outside of the house can help make aging adults with dementia feel safer as they navigate their living space. 
  4. Use contrasting colors for frequently used items – Buying frequently used items in bright colors, such as red, can help aging adults identify the items with more ease. However, while bright colors may be helpful, steer clear of busy patterns, as these can be a bit disorienting to seniors with dementia.
  5. Be mindful or rugs and mats around the home – As rugs and mats can often slide around and cause avoidable falling hazards, be mindful of where they’re placed around the home and how secure they are. Try taping rugs and mats down or removing them altogether if you fear they may be too much of a falling hazard for an aging loved one with dementia.

While these are some helpful tips that can help the physical terrain of the home be more accommodating to aging adults with dementia, creating a dementia-friendly home isn’t just about the physical items around the house. There are other ways to curate a space that is mentally and emotionally accommodating to aging adults with dementia, and tending to their mental and emotional health can have a great impact on their home safety.

Try these tips to make sure that an aging adult can avoid overstimulation or stress as you’re creating a dementia-friendly home for them. 

  1. Place pictures of happy memories around the home – Adding these type of pictures around the home can help put the aging adult at ease. 
  2. Add calendars and digital clocks around the home – Strategically placing orienting items like calendars and digital clocks that are easy to read can help limit episodes of confusion throughout the day.
  3. Get outside! – Sometimes, the best dementia-friendly environment can be in nature! Make time for the aging adult to leave their environment and get outside for some sunlight and exercise, which can help stabilize and boost their mood for when they return home.

If you’re in the process of creating a dementia-friendly home for an aging loved one, don’t forget that TheKey of North Carolina can help! We offer home care services in Raleigh and the surrounding areas, including dementia care, that can help you determine the best way to make a dementia-friendly home. If you’d like to hear more about how we can help, contact us today online or at 919-436-1871.