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Since my wife, Gina, and I first opened the doors of Aware Senior Care in 2014, we made a pact that one of the core principles for our Aware team would be that we would all strive to be problem solvers for our clients. This included creating a dementia care plan for families struggling with caregiving for a loved one with dementia. We have continued to make that a top priority.

how to create a care plan for a dementia patient

Creating a Care Plan for the Elderly with Dementia

Over the past five years, home care cases with clients struggling with some form of dementia has grown exponentially and will likely continue to grow. It’s one of the reasons I sought out the Dementia Alliance of North Carolina to volunteer time to help and last year I became a board member.

Working with the Dementia Alliance of NC

The Dementia Alliance of NC educates families, ultimately empowering them, to understand the disease and take steps to confront it. The Alliance also donates funds to local universities working to research cures for various forms of dementia. (Every dollar donated to the Dementia Alliance of NC supports programs and research based in North Carolina).

Being on the Dementia Alliance of NC board has been such a blessing. It has helped me better understand the different forms of dementia. Additionally, it has taught me how to best help support people living with the disease.

Over the course of my work with the board and speaking to the great staff, a statement became commonplace. Adult children caring for their ailing parents would say, “I just need a plan.”

They wanted to help their mother or father, but they just weren’t sure how to go about it.

Dementia Care Plan Goals – Helping You and Your Family!

As a military veteran (Go Navy!), I pride myself on excellent organization.

I set about to help create a planning guide for families dealing with dementia. Gina and I bring a lot of professional expertise in this area. Additionally, I’m also in the midst of personally caring for my aging mother, Emily. She suffers from early stage dementia.

This guide is just as much for me as it is for those of you reading this blog post in a similar situation!

The Caring for a Loved One with a Form of Dementia: A Planning Guide is designed to start from the beginning and takes steps to address the issues your family is facing.

Each step is designed to educate a person or family about resources and support available to them, and the entire guide has one goal in mind for the patients: Live the best life they can on that day.

home care plan for dementia patient

Those who have cared for a loved one with dementia understand that each case is a journey, and no two cases are the same. Some will live just a few months with the disease. Others can live well over a decade past their initial diagnosis.

I hope this guide bring you some peace of mind. Furthermore, having a basic plan is so comforting when the rest of your life may feel out of control right now.

My best advice is to make your plan.  Build your support team and then execute the plan to the best of your ability.

Download our Dementia Care Plan Guide