community care seniors

What if a loved one needs a little help and you’re not able to provide it due to proximity or not wanting to assume the role of caregiver? Community care could be an excellent option for your loved one.

There are two things that we can always count on: getting older and paying taxes. While there isn’t much that we can do about the second, as our loved ones will get older, we will always strive do our best to help them be happy and independent. One way that we can do that is by helping them to stay in their own home, which is always an ideal option.

However, what if they need a little help and as a family, we are not able to provide this assistance due to proximity or not wanting to assume the role of caregiver? This is where community care can come into play and possibly be an excellent option for your loved one.

Independent Living Communities

One option for community care is in an independent living (IL) community. In an IL community, your loved one gets some extra assistance with some basic daily needs. This includes essentials like light housekeeping and meal preparation. In many of these homes, the food is excellent! There are regularly scheduled activities and a variety of people to meet and make friends with.

Community Care Partners: Extra Assistance with Home Care

But, what if your loved one need more help than just housekeeping and meal preparation? In these cases, many times there is a home care agency that works along with these independent living communities. These home care agencies can be of assistance, as they may need it. In fact, almost a third of such a community may need some assistance.

It could be smaller things such as someone to come by and help remind them to take their medicine. They could get assistance with making a bed or helping with a load of laundry. Or maybe receiving a little extra help for some personal care, such as assisting with a shower.

If you are thinking that it might be nearing a time that your loved one may require more help, start look into some independent living communities. Local options here in Cary include Waltonwood Cary Parkway, SearStone, and StoneRidge Retirement Living.

While you are doing research, be sure to ask about the home care agency that they have partnered with, and be sure to do your research on them, too, as they may be part of the equation in the future. Don’t forget to have an open conversation with your loved ones about what they want. Above all, the thing we really want is for them to be happy.