Client Reviews

They were able to manage our schedule and provide different people on different days to help.
Helen R.
They are extremely responsive, whether it is weekends or nights. If I send out a question or a need, they respond within a few hours.
Leroy S.
They've helped him with his morning needs, which gives me a break and helps me throughout the day. They know what has to be done and what he wants done every day and they do it.
John C.
They've helped her with all of her daily living functions such as exercising, dressing and bathing. They've kept her active physically and socially. They're compassionate, and willing to do what they've been asked to do. They're very likable. They've been great at communicating everything that needed to be communicated.
Pattie S.
I like how they are thoughtful about their clients needs and way they treat their clients.
Bob H.
They are very courteous, and they listen to what my needs are. They don't try to assume what my needs are. They are here if I need them to help with my mobility.
Louise F.
As a group, since I have four caregivers, they are excellent. They do breakfast and assist him with his work, exercises, training, and Parkinson's work outs. They help us get through the day and help him have the same quality of life that he was accustomed to before he got sick. They help with keeping him on a more normal activity level.
Patrick S.
I like that they are responsible and have a good staff.
Jane O.
I like their responsiveness, and for the most part, I thought they had good people were working for them. I like that they were a little bit smaller compared to others.
So far they have responded to every need I have made.
Kathryn G.
I liked that they were responsive.
John S.
They have been very flexible with us. They were great at getting it all started and caring for my mother. They allow everyone to have input when it comes to the care.
Barbara C.
When there is a change in people coming over, they are quick to call and let me know.
Ollie Y.
The office staff has been able to promptly get back to me when I have had questions.
Dale J.
They call if there is a change in schedule, they give advanced notice, and they work with any situation superbly. They make a big difference in helping with life's schedule changes.
Kenneth S.
It has helped tremendously just being here to help my mother in her ADLs.
Lessie S.
They go on walks with my dad. They did well in engaging in conversation that my loved one enjoyed participating in.
James M.
Everything was really great. They had everything covered, and even called after she had passed to see if we were okay.
Sharon T.
I feel like I can leave my mother in their hands. I do not feel like I need to worry about her.
Teresa W.
I would be willing to use them again. I was very impressed that the supervisor brought the person here.
Nancy B.
We like that they are easy to work with.
Grace R.