Client Reviews

The owners strive for quality and excellent service. They are easy to get in touch with and the communication is excellent. They provide me with quality overnight caregivers for my mom so I can rest.
Gladys B.
I like that they have given me a constant caregiver.
Lonnie F.
I like that they are thorough. They ask a lot of questions and they listen. They do a wonderful job at matching caregivers to Nancy. They keep me informed of the schedule. If there is anything that we need changed or done they are extremely responsive to that. They let the aides know what is going on.
Nancy B.
If there is a problem, they fix it promptly. They call us when they need us and they are responsive when we need them.
Don R.
They always responded to phone calls. They were very attentive. They always kept me informed. They were very clear with me about what was happening.
Patricia S.
They are responsive to my needs and they are always available. I like that. I like that I can contact them 24/7.
Dale J.
The fact that they came quickly to tell me what the services were helped.
Barbara P.
They were personable, caring, and able to communicate with us. They always let me know when someone couldn't come and if a substitute was needed.
Esther K.
They are great. They keep in contact with me if there are any issues, and if I call with a question, they are very prompt to call back.
Grace R.
The owner, Gina, comes by often. Two other girls came from the office to check up on how the care is going as well.
Gene H.
They call when they need to know something and call ahead for holidays. I feel like I have open communication with them.
Rosa M.
Carrie was just very thorough and professional. I enjoyed working with her.
Mary Ann T.
I had the reassurance that she was going to be taken care of when I wasn't going to be there. They were my hands and eyes when I couldn't be there. They were prompt with getting back to me when I had concerns. When I had to extend the contract, they helped me. They were on top of that and found caregivers at the last minute when I needed them.
Edith H.
Whenever we've had any questions, they've been very responsive to our needs.
John C.
It made a big impact because they were trustworthy, accountable, and sensitive to the needs of my mom and dad. They were always on time. They were the most phenomenal company. They were so responsive, and they were so good at matching caregivers with the needs of my mom and dad. The caregivers were always excellent. It was more than I could have ever dreamt of.
Kenneth S.
They are always eager to find us the right employees. They have done an incredible job. I know the owners and they manage the business very well and listen to the clients. They find people for whatever I request. They communicate all the time and never drop the ball and they keep me aware of what is happening.
Patrick S.
They help with my wife, and it gives me a chance to go out and work part time. They have done excellent work for her and give her someone to talk to. They have always responded when we have had issues, and they are always able to fill in and make sure we are covered. They are always on the ball and working to help me out.
Kathryn G.
They genuinely care about Julie. They work really well with her. They just provide quality care and are responsive to me changing dates of care due to my travel. I like that they have prompt responses to any calls or emails.
Julie S.
They are good at finding someone to cover, even if it's last minute. When I have issues with caregivers, they make sure to get it straightened out. They are responsive to my needs and go out of their way to make sure I'm covered. They have always been really responsive, and they provide good caregivers.
Jane O.
She's been very aware of what needs to be done. She's just really caring and conscientious. It's only been two days, but I'm just not needed to be around as much.
Leon H.
They do what my loved one is unable to do. Without them, my loved one wouldn't be able to stay at home. They're readily available if there are any hiccups. The owner checks up frequently, stops by, and someone will come with a new caregiver.
I like that they did what they said they would do and kept up with little changes that would happen. There was always someone there to answer the phone and take care of what we needed.
Haywood S.
I like that they call and let us know if there are any changes. They let us know what the schedule is going to be. I like the communication that they offer.
Bob C.
They have helped me the most by having a reliable and faithful caregiver for us. The office staff been helpful by responding well to our calls, and they stop by to check on us.
Patricia H.
I like that they work with me to get the schedule and caregivers that I want. They have kept me updated on what is happening. I am losing my primary caregiver, and they kept me aware of that.
Mary H.
I like that they just seem to be on the ball. They are good at handling changing situations, especially with my mother's memory.
Sally T.
I liked the customer service because it was very hands on, and they were quick to resolve issues. I thought they were a great company. The office was easy to communicate with because someone was available no matter if it was during the day, night, or weekends. They were responsive to what I called about. I appreciated that the owners themselves would call me personally.
Lessie S.
They were always available.
Raymond D.
The staff is very quick to respond to any issues we have. I am very well satisfied. I see my wife every day for about 2-3 hours. I get a good idea of their staff's care and ability to nurture. Their communication to me is very good. I would highly recommend them. I like their response when I have had an occasion that I thought someone was not paying proper attention to my spouse. I talked to them, and they immediately took action.
Carol F.
The owner was helpful because of their interpersonal relationship skills.
John G.
We have had extremely good services from them. We really consider Aware Senior Care a blessing to our family.
Nancy B.
The website was excellent, and meeting Gina did the trick for me. I think she understands from personal experience the importance of children knowing their elderly parents are well cared for. I like that they stay in contact, and the administration doesn't just leave me without a lot of follow up. They're very interested and active in managing what's going on. I feel like if there are any issues with my mom, they'd be completely on top of it. When I've raised concerns, they've instantly communicated that to everyone so they're all aware.
Esther K.
They were able to manage our schedule and provide different people on different days to help.
Helen R.
They are extremely responsive, whether it is weekends or nights. If I send out a question or a need, they respond within a few hours.
Leroy S.
They've helped him with his morning needs, which gives me a break and helps me throughout the day. They know what has to be done and what he wants done every day and they do it.
John C.
They've helped her with all of her daily living functions such as exercising, dressing and bathing. They've kept her active physically and socially. They're compassionate, and willing to do what they've been asked to do. They're very likable. They've been great at communicating everything that needed to be communicated.
Pattie S.
I like how they are thoughtful about their clients needs and way they treat their clients.
Bob H.
They are very courteous, and they listen to what my needs are. They don't try to assume what my needs are. They are here if I need them to help with my mobility.
Louise F.
As a group, since I have four caregivers, they are excellent. They do breakfast and assist him with his work, exercises, training, and Parkinson's work outs. They help us get through the day and help him have the same quality of life that he was accustomed to before he got sick. They help with keeping him on a more normal activity level.
Patrick S.
I like that they are responsible and have a good staff.
Jane O.
I like their responsiveness, and for the most part, I thought they had good people were working for them. I like that they were a little bit smaller compared to others.
So far they have responded to every need I have made.
Kathryn G.
I liked that they were responsive.
John S.
They have been very flexible with us. They were great at getting it all started and caring for my mother. They allow everyone to have input when it comes to the care.
Barbara C.
When there is a change in people coming over, they are quick to call and let me know.
Ollie Y.
The office staff has been able to promptly get back to me when I have had questions.
Dale J.
They call if there is a change in schedule, they give advanced notice, and they work with any situation superbly. They make a big difference in helping with life's schedule changes.
Kenneth S.
It has helped tremendously just being here to help my mother in her ADLs.
Lessie S.
They go on walks with my dad. They did well in engaging in conversation that my loved one enjoyed participating in.
James M.
Everything was really great. They had everything covered, and even called after she had passed to see if we were okay.
Sharon T.
I feel like I can leave my mother in their hands. I do not feel like I need to worry about her.
Teresa W.
I would be willing to use them again. I was very impressed that the supervisor brought the person here.
Nancy B.
We like that they are easy to work with.
Grace R.
I made a large effort to go in and tell them what I needed. They have done a wonderful job of meeting those needs.
We will occasionally make changes if there is a family party or things like that. We can call them and cancel the services for that day.
Haywood S.
I like that they had such a personal business. The main caregiver was an absolutely perfect match for us.
Bill A.
They are very thorough, and they come out to talk to me about what will be a good fit. I think they do an excellent job in matching the caregiver with the family. They are very good at being available when I need to call.
Ruth E.
I liked the fact that their owner came out. I thought that it was excellent that they took the time to do that.
Rowena P.
liked how flexible and caring they were towards our needs in last-minute changes.
Patricia K.
The services are accountable, and when I had care around the clock I never had to worry about if the next person was going to come or not.
Gladys G.
We like the owners, the husband and wife. We were really impressed with them and the care they offered was very good.
Joyce E.
They were so compassionate. They went above and beyond in the type of care they provided. The reason I chose them was because I read two articles about them.
Patricia S.
They always provide wonderful caregivers that are suited to my needs.
Julie S.
They have things for her like little sweaters. They give her her favorite blanket when she is on the couch and keep her awake when she wants to sleep. That kind of stuff is invaluable.
Barbara C.
The services were available very rapidly when I needed them.
Robin G.
They make sure that they keep an eye on him so he doesn't fall. They ensure he eats on a daily basis. They keep an eye out and make sure he doesn't hurt himself. The one that is there during the day and the weekends is honest with me. They gave me some advice as to what the next steps are.
Anthony M.
Any time anything comes up or if one of the aides needs to be off, they communicate it with me. If the nurse needs to come out, I am notified to make sure I am here on time.
Kathryn G.
They've done a marvelous job selecting caregivers, I haven't had one that I didn't like. I don't know how they pick them but they're doing great.
Paton K.
They are very accommodating and responsive to my mother's needs, and we've been with them for four years. I appreciate their loyalty, and I feel that they appreciate us as a client.
Lessie S.
They have been very responsive any time I have needed any adjustments and they have provided excellent caregivers.
John and Maggie S.
The services make my life easier because I don't have to be there everyday.
Helen R.
They were very compassionate, understanding, and gracious.
Erin M.
They provide qualified care for my loved one that I am confident in.
Grace R.
They have helped my loved one the most by comforting her and it helps us by knowing someone is there to keep her safe and on track.
Hilda C.
They make life easier because it gives the family time to not be immediately on call. Plus, it helps integrate somebody outside of the family so that my loved one gets a little more time to talk with others. Kadie is experienced and enjoys being able to help someone who needs help.
Haywood S.
It is a huge relief knowing that there is someone there so that I do not have to worry about my loved one.
Roslyn R.
If I call the agency to ask to increase the days or if I ask for a more skilled person, they're able to help with that.
Sue W.
They offer 24/7 care and send caregivers all the time continuously.
Barbara C.
They're very organized and caring of their caregivers and clients.
Julie S.
I would tell a friend that they're reliable and they filled in during an emergency at night when we didn't have someone.
Hilda C.
The caregivers that they provided were excellent.
Michelle L.
I am very pleased with the staff and the two caregivers we've had so far.
Joyce E.
I feel that they are very knowledgeable and cooperative with our situation.
Greta P.
They're prompt and very courteous in every way. They do the things that I need done.
Ethel M.
The people were very attentive, and they were flexible with my schedule. When I needed someone last minute, the office found me someone right away.
Betty G.
They were very efficient. Gina, the owner of the company, was pretty helpful.
Thomas S.
I think they are very accommodating in the office.
Paton K.
They always keep me updated on who is coming in, and they help me to get the billing correct and transmitted to our health insurance.
Greta P.
They are willing to try and work with me when I need to change my schedule and find new people when I lose a caregiver.
Jane O.
The office has always communicated with me if something is going on, like if one of the caregivers can't make it. They send a nurse every quarter and they have been very helpful. The scheduler and Gina have been very helpful. Having Aware Senior Care means I am able to go work and run errands, because Kathryn can't be left alone. It gives me a little break.
Kathryn G.
I can always get someone whenever I call. They are responsive to whatever I ask. I have a relationship with the owners as well.
Lessie S.
They are a very caring organization and responsive to the needs of the clients.
Theresa C.
Aware Senior Care has provided excellent services and very responsive.
Grace R.
I appreciate that the office all has a caring concern, and they try to do their best.
Mary K.
The caregiver from Aware Senior Care shows a good work ethic by knowing what they are doing and being experienced. They do the job because they like it. Aware Senior Care seems to have their act together and they are responsive to our needs. They meet and exceed expectations.
Haywood S.
I would recommend Aware Senior Care because because the owners are personable and they provide the proper care for my loved one.
Kathryn G.
I would tell someone that Aware Senior Care has been very attentive to our needs and scheduling. The people have been very well-trained from Aware Senior Care, and they do a good job.
Jane O.
I would tell a friend that Aware Senior Care is very flexible, and they are very efficient. They do what they say they are going to do.
Mary K.
The administrator would call me personally to make sure everything was set for my grandmother.
Evelyn A.
Aware Senior Care's office staff was very good. They were quick to respond and were very friendly.
Ana E.
The office staff at Aware Senior Care was quick to understand our problems and quick to propose solutions. The billing was very clear, and everyone in the office was courteous.
Gary & Emily B.
I would tell someone that Aware Senior Care is very reputable and dependable.
Becky B.
We were completely satisfied with Aware Senior Care. The care was great and the caregivers are kind and professional. Everyone is very helpful.
Patricia E.
There's nothing that Aware Senior Care could've improved. If anything was lacking, the administration would personally call us and showed that they cared about my grandmother.
Evelyn A.
Aware Senior Care has made our life easier because of the service that they gave. They gave day and night care and it was helpful.
Ernest J.
The people that Aware Senior Care has working for them are very nice, cooperative, and always on time when they do things for me. They know what they're doing.
Raye G.
Aware Senior Care is easy to work with, and the client is happy when they come in.
James G.
Aware Senior Care has good owners and good people working in the office. They are understanding and easy to work with. They are honest and ethical.
Lorenzo B.
Aware Senior Care was very trustworthy and compassionate, and the caregivers were very timely and caring.
Solomon G.
Aware Senior Care has been available, I know that they are there for my father. They check on him and check on him when I Acan't be there; I can tell them if there is something in his care that we need added.
Page O.
Aware Senior Care provides us with another avenue in helping monitor my mother on a daily basis.
Geraldine M.
The office staff is pleasant when I call and if I have a question, they are very willing to answer or assist with any concerns.
Lessie S.
Aware Senior Care has good personal contact, and they are always available. There is always someone that I can have contact with.
Lee P.
It was so reassuring to know that Aware Senior Care was available if my mother needed help. We did not use their services on a weekly basis, but more when health concerns cropped up. Consequently, I was often frazzled when I called them, but they were always calm and willing to do what they could to help. More than once they bent over backwards to accommodate us within their schedule. Owner Gina Murray talked me through several emotional moments and it was obvious that she is a very caring person. The in-house staff was always so friendly, greeting my mother and me whenever they saw us in the halls which added to the personal connection when she needed their assistance. I hope that my mother’s new home has a care agency as good as Aware Senior Care.
Wendy N.
Aware Senior Care has been very easy to work with. It is easy for me to get a hold of the office staff, and I can contact the owner directly. We have been very satisfied with Aware Senior Care. It is really helpful that Aware Senior Care has been able to provide the same caregiver to my mother. My mother really likes her, and I am glad Aware Senior Care has not sent anyone different.
Kim R.
Aware Senior Care works very hard to accommodate all the wishes that we have and I think that they go above and beyond to accommodate. The impact is not measurable because it is such a relief. I am able to get so many things done.
Lauren B.
Aware Senior Care has been very good. They are reliable. I live far away and I have to have someone I can trust will be there when my aunt needs them. Aware Senior Care has made my life easier. It's given us peace of mind that there is someone there at night to help the client.
Dorothy O.
Aware Senior Care is very reliable and I had consistent caregivers, which is important to seniors receiving care. I could see that they had quality processes in place. I liked that they had my mother sign after the visits to affirm that she had received care. Following surgery, my mother needed eye drops and she could not have done that by herself, so Aware Senior Care helped her and allowed her to stay in her apartment, without an interruption in her day-to-day life.
Pam K.
I would tell a friend that Aware Senior Care is dependable and gives me a peace of mind.
Terrie C.
I found Aware Senior Care on accident on Twitter when they just started. It was like a God-thing because they came when we needed them and it worked out. They are very personalized and they get to know the client's needs well.
Laurie S.
Aware Senior Care has been wonderful. They have always provided high quality caregivers that will show up and are capable of what I need. Aware Senior Care caregivers are well trained and they are capable.
Julie S.
Aware Senior Care is affiliated with my church. They are professional and meet their commitments. Aware Senior Care caregivers do exactly what they say they would do. The caregivers help my wife in the evenings to bathe her, do light housework, and keep her company.
Nancy S.
I selected Aware Senior Care because the owner who started the company had worked with a company that was really good at what they did.Aware Senior Care is very engaged with their clients and caregivers. We found a caregiver from Aware Senior Care that Sue bonded with and is very excited to be with. She is a nice friend and companion and cares about my loved one's needs. The weekday crew is great at being self-starters and the weekend crew waits to be told things, but they are willing to help with whatever they can.
Mary B.
Aware has helped me walk for strength and get to exercise classes, carry little gifts to shut-ins in Brittany Place and plan my days. The Aware caregivers have been helpful in many ways. After Sandra was injured, Judy and Lisa stepped in. Both of them have been very helpful even with the little things such as arranging the linen closet. They are just very helpful in anyway they can finding things we have mislaid and always being thoughtful when I panic about my mental changes that I resist acknowledging.
Pat and Brooks H.
We highly recommend this agency to you! We could not ask for any better services. Gina and Tim are so pleasant and easy to work with. If a caregiver cannot be here for any reason, they are there to help us immediately. They let us know right away usually. The staff is great to work with as well!
Anne and Paton K.
Having Aware to look after Kathryn frees me to work, run errands or just have some personal time. I can leave her with aides and be sure she is taken care of without worry.
Mike G.
I am very much impressed with your program, and the assistance you offered. To have an agency like Aware senior Care is timely, much needed and amazing. The attitude of the caregiver assigned and the amount of work she does is quite comfortable.
Barbara G.
I trust your company to be honest and trustworthy. I don't worry about anything when the caregiver is here.
Ann B.
Overall, I have been pleased.
Dorothy S.
I appreciate your services and that you fill my medications for me.
Jane F.
I was impressed with the quality of care I received. They all asked if there was anything else they could help with and I really appreciated it.
Richard T.
Enabling Carl to be ready as I'm getting myself dressed for our 8:00 AM breakfast has removed the frustration and stress I was experiencing before using this service.
Sarah A.
Tim, Gina and Michelle were very responsive to my needs and requests. The price was reasonable.
Chuck E.
I have used Aware Senior Care to care for my wife, who has Alzheimer's, for almost two years. I feel that she has received excellent care thus far and I would recommend ASC to any family that needs in-home care for a family member.
Keith O.
Aware Senior Care was very professional Always flexible Shows concern for the clients well being.Always felt comfortable leaving my mother in the care of the professionals at Aware Senior Care. They were always willing to make any adjustments needed to our schedule and needs.
Jean W.
It was a great relief to know that caring and professional care was available quickly when my mom was released from Rehab.
Carolee N.
My overall experience with Aware Senior Care has been exceptional. The staff is very caring and professional. They also cared for my sister before she passed and always helped her keep clean, feed and they treated her like family. I can only say good things about Aware Senior Care
Dorothy S.
I can't say enough about Aware Senior Care to praise their professionalism and level of care. If you need care for a loved one, this is the agency you want to go to.
Miriam K.
Naturally, when it comes to a loved one, it is a very difficult decision to make to have someone other than a family member care for our dear Mother. Gina and Tim were wonderful in describing their company's mission and goals. Their selection of caregivers was excellent; we could not have chosen better. Additionally, all of the staff we have interacted with (either on the phone or in person) have been incredibly kind, compassionate and professional. Our Mother loves them all and so do we. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Aware Senior Care to anyone. Aware Senior Care has been a blessing to us all.
June S.
Aware Senior Care personnel have been hugely helpful to all three siblings - ready, responsive and timely. All working as a team to provide my 86-year-old mother with the care that allows her to have a dignified independent lifestyle. Superior service and treatment from the owners on down. Knowledgeable, patient and responsive.The owners, Tim and Gina Murray, are "above and beyond" folks. Their enthusiasm and professionalism is displayed by all that work for Aware Senior Care.
Dan F.
Aware Senior Care is professionally run!
Ann K.
Lori, Tim and Sarah have been very helpful. Also Linda. I would recommend Aware Senior Care to anyone! A++ is not good enough to describe DeLynn. She's the greatest. Thank you, Aware, for her.
Theresa C.
The Aware Senior Care Caregivers and Gina and Tim bent over backwards to make sure the needs of my mother were met. They were all kind, caring, patient and knowledgeable about the needs of someone when faced with serious health challenges. Thank you for being there for my mother and me!
Sarah F.
The Aware Senior Care organization has been very helpful to me and I highly recommend their services.
Shirley G.
I have enjoyed the visits made by all the caregivers that have been here to assist me in going to the community center for exercise, and all the other things that help me in my weekly activities. I am getting out more and enjoying my new friends very much!I believe that my children feel that I am in good hands during the days that Aware Senior Care employees (caregivers) are with me.
Barbara C.
Aware Senior Care has helped me get peace of mind knowing that I have competent care for my mother while I am away. They really try to accommodate a client's needs.
Melissa B.
The care and attention that not only my Dad but I received was amazing! The stress that was removed from my shoulders knowing Dad was being cared for by the best folks around was unbelievable.
Lura C.
I felt satisfied with the care and companionship I received from your agency. The caregiver gave me some important tips on how to do laundry.
Virginia D.
Gina Murray has always been very concerned and responsive to my problems. The caregivers were professional and at the same time caring and helpful to Chris. Aware Senior Care was recommended to me by the staff at our Independent living facility and they came and helped with strategies to remain independent. Then there was fall and they came and provided 24/ 7 on very short notice. Since that time I have been impressed with the people they sent to care for Chris. I recommend you call Aware if you find yourself in a difficult situation and need quality help.
Rick C.
I'm not able to check on her every day. Knowing that there was someone that could do that, along with providing transportation to doctor's visit, the grocery store, post office, and library has been a relief. Mom doesn't feel so isolated, especially since she lost the ability to drive herself.
Kim R.
My dad spoke very highly of Sharon, and he said, "she is a very hard worker." She was so respectful of my dad and encouraged him to participate in chores with her which made him feel very productive.Excellent agency with very professional staff. I live out of town, and Tim and Gina were very easy to work with over the phone. The care giver, Sharon, called me directly to share with me how my dad was doing.Having services from Aware Senior Care while my mother was in the hospital and my dad was by himself filled in the gap. We were very pleased with the entire agency, and they were so easy to work with long distance. I highly recommend this company.
Debbie W.
Tasha is doing a great job working with Jane. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Tasha. Aware Senior Care has been very helpful in providing experienced and competent caregivers to take of my wife. They have worked with me to try to find a schedule that works for our situation and they have been very flexible as we have tried to figure out the best caregiver for Jane.
Keith O.
I like best the personal care I receive from the agency. I feel they are concerned about us as people and that I can come with any concerns or suggestions that I need.
Carolyn C.
Jeanine was very cordial and helped my mother make her bed, prepare lunch and play card games. I know my mother really appreciated the time she spent with Jeanine and I am very happy that she provided the services we needed.The service was very good. I appreciated the fast turn around. I called when my mother was still in the hospital. Gina came to the hospital that day and we made arrangements for services. When my mother came home from the hospital Gina arrived with the caregiver to introduce her to my mother.This service helped my mother transition from the hospital to healing quickly at home. A lot of healing has to do with our state of mind and having a care giver that my mother enjoyed speaking with and looked forward to seeing made her healing occur quickly. Highly recommend Aware Senior Care!
Dora T.
Based on my experience after a fall in my home, I would highly recommend Aware Senior Care to provide first class service to those requiring in-home assistance. Gina is a very caring professional who is very attentive to meeting the requested needs.
Mary D.
Aware Senior Care stepped in with their top notch care meeting my needs exactly as they were established by my siblings with Gina and Tim. Extremely professional caregivers came and drove me to appointments, kept the house, kitchen, clothes, and bed linens clean and in place. The main caregiver, Pamela, could not have been more cheerful and professional. The other ladies who came were also top-notch. I always felt I could contact Gina or Tim at any time if there was a problem - of which there were none. This was a very tough time for me and I felt as if I was being cared for by angels! Thank you, Aware Senior Care for being there just when I needed you most!
Bettie T.
We needed a service to sit with Dad overnight and Aware Care was able to provide someone very quickly. Once we contacted Aware, we didn't have to worry about much after that.
Simon G.
On Wednesday afternoons when Kelly is with Mom, I can breathe and escape for a few hours without any worries. I know she is well cared for and safe.
Lisabeth C.
Pamela, my sister Bettie's primary caregiver, is excellent. A warm, compassionate, intelligent person, she is always looking for things to do for Bettie. And she is a fabulous cook!I have not met Josie, but I know that Bettie likes her very much. I also wanted to commend Sharon Kilpatrick. Whenever we've called the office, she is so warm and friendly - and a great problem-solver. She is a pleasure to work with.Aware Senior Care is an excellent home care agency. We have found their central staff, as well as their carefully selected caregivers, both compassionate and competent. This is an agency where the patient always comes first.
Margaret K.
Aware Senior Care has done a great job providing the extra social resources necessary to keep my mom active.
Mary Ann M.
I am most impressed with the service and have recommended you to several of my friends in need and will continue to do so.It is difficult to meet everyone's needs, but your service has done a great job of trying to do that. I will continue to recommend you to anyone who I hear needs care. I have also told several people to call and apply to work for you.
Kay S.
Our caregiver (Barbara) is interactive with us and looks for ways that she can be of special help. No question I’ll promote your agency to all I interact with.
Harold P.
We’ve worked with other home care agencies but yours is the best by far. Gina and Tim are super and very responsive to needs, ideas and suggestions. As far as using an agency Aware Senior Care is the best we’ve used.
Bobby and Lisa W.
Caregivers and the company owners were all exceptional, considerate and willing do what was requested by me.
Mary E.
I like the dependability of Lilly.
Al B.