Category: Seniors and Hydration

Overcoming Nutrition Challenges in Aging Adults

Even before we start to age, getting the proper nutrition from day to day can be a challenge. We may not know how to cook that well, or our budget may make it difficult to get the quality ingredients we want.  However, for aging adults, getting the proper nutrition everyday can be particularly difficult. There […]

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Reasons for Incontinence in Seniors and Ways to Better Manage It

One of the most common health concerns that affects seniors is also one of the least openly discussed: incontinence. Incontinence in seniors is more common in women than in men, but it affects many older adults.  There are a variety of reasons incontinence may occur. In the short term, irritation or infection, constipation, and urinary […]

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Hydration for Older Adults: Simple Tips and Why It’s So Important

Good nutrition is an essential factor in lifelong health, and hydration is one of its most overlooked components. Water helps us maintain body temperature, pump blood through the body, absorb vitamins and minerals, prevent urinary tract infections, and remove waste and toxic substances from the body. But did you know that seniors are at a […]

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