medication management guide

The Complete Medication Management Guide You Need to Stay Out of the Hospital

This complete medication management guide will show you how you can reduce your medication error and drug interaction risks.

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nursing services

Nursing Services: Professional Help at Home

Nursing Services are professional help at home. Sometimes a person needs to have skilled nursing at home they would otherwise get in the hospital.

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askaware stay out of a nursing home

AskAware How to Stay Out of a Nursing Home

Aware Senior Care and Dr. David Fisher of Doctors Making Housecalls discuss winning strategies for seniors to stay out of nursing and retirement homes.

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medication management tips

Medication Management Tips for Getting Organized

Why is medication management so important? Mismanagement can lead to serious complications and prove more costly than preventative measures. Organize your medication and manage them with ease using our helpful tips! Personally, we had never thought about whether or not our parents were taking their medications as ordered. After his stepdad Jack’s first stroke, Tim […]

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preparing for your doctors visit

Preparing For Your Doctor’s Visit

Has this ever happened to you? Your loved one calls you numerous times complaining that he or she feels terrible, has pain that won’t go away, can’t sleep or has some other malady that is unbearable. You’re preparing for your doctor’s visit with them. But then they tell you ‘nothing is wrong.’ It’s one of […]

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