senior man with headache

7 Tips for Identifying and Reducing Senior Pandemic Fatigue

Providing care services in Raleigh and the surrounding areas, Aware Senior Care offers tips to reduce senior pandemic fatigue. For many, this month marks one year in lockdown in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Some Americans are feeling the effects of pandemic fatigue, a certain kind of exhaustion which arises from dealing with the side […]

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stay at home

Living a Stay-at-Home Life – 15 Ways to Make the Best of the COVID-19 Quarantine

The stay-at-home order has significantly impacted our lives physically, socially and emotionally. Here are 15 Ways to Make the Best of the COVID-19 Quarantine.

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we are spartan

Tackling the Spartan Trifecta Challenge and Living Well in 2019

One of my favorite memories of this past year was seeing my parents’ hard work in training pay off in completing some very difficult obstacle course races. They took on an incredible challenge (absolutely no pressure from me, mind you) and succeeded beautifully!

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helping seniors during the holidays

Helping Seniors During the Holidays in Wake County: A Volunteer Guide

With the holidays coming up, we’ll be reminded of the importance of giving back and doing good onto others. If you want to help the elderly locally here in Wake County, we’ve put together this helpful holiday volunteer guide with opportunities to donate your time and/or money.

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iheartradio's ceos to know

iHeartRadio’s CEOs to Know: Tim Talks with Kyle Wilson

Tim joins host Kyle Wilson once again for iHeartRadio’s “CEOs to Know” podcast to discuss Aware Senior Care’s founding and what’s in store in the future.

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resources for seniors in raleigh

Resources for Seniors in Raleigh: 21 Essentials You Need

These vital resources for seniors in Raleigh can make the often overwhelming task of caring for an elderly loved one much easier.

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optimal healing environment

How to Create an Optimal Healing Environment at Home

What is an optimal healing environment? They are environments that are functional as well as individualized to a person’s specific needs.

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dealing with stress

Dealing with Stress: How does it Impact our Health?

Before dealing with stress, we have to know exactly what it is. What does it do to our bodies and minds and how can make our lives less stressful?

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why seniors should volunteer

Why Seniors Should Volunteer: Feel Happy and Healthy!

Why should seniors volunteer? Family and friends diminish as the years go by. Staying connected to people is just as important as exercise.

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living well

Living Well Isn’t Just for the Home: Healthy at the Office

Living Well at Home isn’t just advice we give to seniors and their loved ones. It’s something we practice on a daily basis.

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