Heart-Healthy Tips for Seniors: Preventing Cardiovascular Disease

You may know that cardiovascular disease is on the rise in the United States, but did you know it’s the number one cause of death of individuals of either gender? These statistics are sobering, but the good news is, there are a number of heart-healthy tips for seniors that can help your loved ones mitigate […]

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Hydration for Older Adults: Simple Tips and Why It’s So Important

Good nutrition is an essential factor in lifelong health, and hydration is one of its most overlooked components. Water helps us maintain body temperature, pump blood through the body, absorb vitamins and minerals, prevent urinary tract infections, and remove waste and toxic substances from the body. But did you know that seniors are at a […]

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who cares? family caregiving recommended reading

Who Cares? Family Caregiving: Recommended Reading

Jerry Bridge, the author of “Who Cares? The Give and Take of Family Caregiving” shares his experiences about providing care for four family members.

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being mortal recommended reading

Being Mortal: Recommended Reading

“Being Mortal” is a wonderful book which we feel should be required reading for anybody, not just professionals in the elder care industry as we are.

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wake living magazine winter 2018

Wake Living Magazine Winter 2018: “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

Tim is featured in Wake Living Magazine’s Winter 2018 edition with his Senior Spotlight article, Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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gift ideas for seniors

Eight Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Seniors

Eight gift ideas for seniors to help you say thank you to your parents, grandparents, and or an elderly neighbor who might appreciate a thoughtful gift.

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professional caregiver

The Professional Caregiver: What Makes Them Exceptional?

A professional caregiver from a licensed agency is one of the best options to allow seniors to continue living independently in their home.

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local family owned business near me

A Local Family Owned Business Near You: Aware Senior Care

Aware Senior Care opens up the office to detail what goes on working at a home care agency.

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senior home care

Demand for Senior Home Care Grows: A Response by Tim Murray

The demand for senior home care is growing while the number of caregivers falls behind. What solutions should we be considering?

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senior home care jobs

Senior Home Care Jobs and Opportunities in Raleigh

The senior care industry in Raleigh is booming – Which means jobs and a career path for smart, compassionate, and caring individuals! Build a career through fulfilling work with a flexible schedule while discovering your passion.

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