How to Protect Seniors from Financial Scams

While everyone is a potential victim of financial fraud, seniors are especially at risk. Scammers target seniors because they believe seniors have more money at their disposal than younger people and tend to be trusting and polite. Seniors lose around $3 billion a year to financial scams, but becoming the victim of fraud is preventable […]

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how can elder abuse be prevented

How Can Elder Abuse be Prevented? Here’s How.

Caring for a loved one can seem straightforward, but the elderly often find themselves vulnerable to abuse. Here’s how elder abuse can be prevented.

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avoiding scams for seniors

Avoiding Scams for Seniors: How to Protect Them Online

Seniors are especially vulnerable to online scams. Here are the danger signs to look out for.

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irs scam phone call

IRS Scam Phone Call: How to Protect Your Loved Ones

Aware Senior Care’s Co-Founder Gina Murray warns of a new IRS scam phone call strategy used by scammers to earn the trust of their targets.

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elder abuse

Recognize and Report: Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is a significant problem that plagues older generations around the world. Each year in America, approximately 4 million elderly people become victims of physical, psychological or other forms of abuse.

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