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The Struggle for A Higher Quality of Life in Dementia Care

Quality of life with dementia may not seem to change, but the internal impact on you and or loved one is real. How to build support to live well.

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gina murray

Gina Murray, RN: Upon Further Review of Medication

Aware Senior Care’s Gina Murray reviews the medication of a client after he falls three times in two months to determine it as the root of his problems.

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Gina Murray Case Study: Dementia, a Stroke, and No One to Care

Aware Senior Care’s Gina Murray navigates a difficult situation where a wife has dementia, a stroke has left the husband unable to speak, and their adult children are across the country.

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Gina Murray Case Study: The Comeback

Gina recalls a case study she fondly remembers as “The Comeback.” Terri suffered from a brain bleed and made an amazing recovery with the right care.

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gina murray case study stroke

Gina Murray Case Study: Life after a stroke

In this latest Gina Murray Case Study, a client suffers a stroke. A team of caregivers and Gina take action to help them return to normalcy at home.

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