positive approach to care

Positive Approach to Care: Becoming a Certified Dementia Trainer in 3 Inspiring Days

Tim and I wanted to learn more about dementia care in order to train our staff to be better dementia caregivers. We decided to become PAC (Positive Approach to Care) certified and through Teepa Snow’s dementia training program.

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iheartradio's ceos to know

iHeartRadio’s CEOs to Know: Tim Talks with Kyle Wilson

Tim joins host Kyle Wilson once again for iHeartRadio’s “CEOs to Know” podcast to discuss Aware Senior Care’s founding and what’s in store in the future.

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dementia care plan

Making a Dementia Care Plan: An Important Guide for Families

The dementia care plan guide by Aware Senior Care is designed to start from the beginning and takes steps to address the issues your family is facing.

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best home care services

When and How to Choose the Best Home Care Services – Podcast

Gina discusses when and how to choose the best home care services when caring for a loved one with Jennifer Fink of the podcast, Fading Memories.

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alzheimer's podcast

Alzheimer’s Podcast with “Around the Triangle” Full Transcript

Host Kyle Wilson introduces Tim and Gina on the “Around the Triangle” podcast to discuss Alzheimer’s and Dementia care for Alzheimer’s Awareness month.

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common myths about palliative care

Common Myths about Palliative Care: Transitions

Dispelling common myths about Palliative Care: A good option when your loved one has been afflicted by chronic illness and quality of life is a concern.

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common myths about hospice care

Common Myths about Hospice Care: Transitions

This blog on aims to dispel common myths about hospice care and explain what Hospice, Palliative, Home Health and Home Care services each provide.

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dementia support groups

Helpful Dementia Support Groups for Caregivers in Wake County

There are great dementia support groups in Wake County where family caregivers can find support when taking care of a loved one.

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long term care crisis alzheimers

Long Term Care Crisis: How to Handle Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s Care: I need help! Gina Murray joins Transitions GuidingLights’ Nicole Clagett to discuss dealing with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

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what is a stroke

What is a stroke and what are the symptoms?

What is a stroke? They occur in one out of five people age 55 and under each year. If you or someone else has a stroke, what can you do to help?

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