elderly parent refuses home care

What to Do When Your Elderly Parent Refuses Home Care

Tim responds to a article with what can you do when your elderly parent refuses help and cannot remain at home alone without assistance

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adult children caring for parents

To Our Adult Children Caring For Their Parents: You Don’t Owe Us

Gina Murray implores her children to look out for themselves in the future if she and/or her husband need caregiving.

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three small signs parents need home care

Three Small Signs Your Parents May Need Home Care

Liz Greene discusses small signs your elderly parent may need home care and the steps you can take to provide senior solutions for the them. It’s not always easy to admit we need help; but for our parents, it may be doubly so. The desire to stay in their own home — and the worry […]

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elderly refusing care

When an Elderly Family Member is Refusing Care: What to Do

AskAware tackles the issue of elderly family members refusing care with Silver Linings NC of Apex, NC. What Do You Do When An Elderly Parent Refuses Needed Care? #AskAware #askaware This is Tim Murray from Aware Senior Care. Welcome everyone! — Tim Murray (@TMurrayAware) September 23, 2015 #askaware happy to be here! — Silver Linings […]

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caring for the elderly

Dealing with Resistance: Caring for the Elderly

The Mayo Clinic Staff recently published an article on Caring for the Elderly: Dealing with Resistance.  In this article sound advice is given in how to start communicating with your loved one about his or her need for care such as: Determine what help is needed. Make an honest assessment of what kind of help […]

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