How to Protect Seniors from Financial Scams

While everyone is a potential victim of financial fraud, seniors are especially at risk. Scammers target seniors because they believe seniors have more money at their disposal than younger people and tend to be trusting and polite. Seniors lose around $3 billion a year to financial scams, but becoming the victim of fraud is preventable […]

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Choosing Home Care Services for Cancer Treatment and Recovery

A loved one receiving a cancer diagnosis is a lot for families to process. Feelings of confusion, anger, and grief can arise, and navigating the medical system can be challenging. In addition, because most cancer treatments occur on an outpatient basis, a spouse, adult child, or other trusted relative or friend is often called upon […]

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Simple Strategies Anyone Can Do for Managing Agitation in Alzheimer’s Patients

When providing care for a family member with Alzheimer’s you might notice that he or she occasionally becomes aggressive or agitated. Agitation in Alzheimer’s patients can be quite common, and while it may be a difficult or even upsetting behavior, it is manageable. Here are some tips to help you reassure and redirect the senior […]

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family dysfunction in home care

Family Dysfunction In Home Care: 5 Steps to Restore Sanity

Even in the closest families, aging parents and the changes of a new life season can create discord. For some families struggling years before a parent needs in-home help, dysfunction escalates issues and even affect the senior’s care.

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best home care services

When and How to Choose the Best Home Care Services – Podcast

Gina discusses when and how to choose the best home care services when caring for a loved one with Jennifer Fink of the podcast, Fading Memories.

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qualities of a professional caregiver

The Qualities of a Professional Caregiver: 12 Essentials to Look For

What are the qualities of a professional caregiver? Bringing a caregiver in to help isn’t always an easy task. Here are ten things to look for.

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assisted living definition

What is Assisted Living? Who is it for and What Does it Provide?

The focus of this Blog is to elaborate on the definition of assisted living. What is an assisted living community and when could it be the right fit?

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elderly parent refuses home care

What to Do When Your Elderly Parent Refuses Home Care

Tim responds to a article with what can you do when your elderly parent refuses help and cannot remain at home alone without assistance

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adult children caring for parents

To Our Adult Children Caring For Their Parents: You Don’t Owe Us

Gina Murray implores her children to look out for themselves in the future if she and/or her husband need caregiving.

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three small signs parents need home care

Three Small Signs Your Parents May Need Home Care

Liz Greene discusses small signs your elderly parent may need home care and the steps you can take to provide senior solutions for the them. It’s not always easy to admit we need help; but for our parents, it may be doubly so. The desire to stay in their own home — and the worry […]

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