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On this episode of Caregiver Corner, we sit down with our Staff Coordinator, Lesley Monet. Lesley’s personal and professional experience in caregiving and healthcare led her join Aware’s award-winning staff coordination team.

She is passionate about serving the community and volunteers regularly with seniors.

lesley monet

Caregiver Corner with Lesley: Q&A

Tell me about your work with Aware Senior Care.

I am the staff coordinator and scheduler at Aware Senior Care. I help to make sure every caregiver is matched up with the right clients, and I coordinate our schedule each week to ensure we deliver the best care to our clients.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

I love that Aware Senior Care is committed to this community. Tim and Gina exemplify what it means to care for our neighbors, and my husband and I have tried to do that in our family as well.

After graduating from North Carolina State University with a degree in community development, I found my calling in the foster and adoption community. I was adopted as an infant after my mother, who was then homeless and already a mother to one other child, made the brave choice to give me a better life and a family with another couple.

What made you go into caregiving?

I love caregiving and find ways to care for others both personally and professionally. I provided compassionate and loving care to my own mother who lost her battle with cancer in 2019. Next to babies, senior citizens are my favorite people! I believe I am gifted at helping to connect existing resources in our community with our clients who need them, giving them a way to live – and even thrive – with dignity and pride.

Providing foster care for children is similar to caring for senior citizens, isn’t it?

Absolutely. My husband and I have nine children in our blended marriage, and we’ve fostered and adopted many others. We have a particular passion for providing homes to children who have aged out of the foster care system once they turn 18. They are especially vulnerable and in need of loving homes. Often, children who age out of the system and don’t become adopted end up turning to criminal activity or caught up in substance abuse, trafficking or homelessness. We can do better for these young people!

I also volunteer with CAFO (Christian Alliance for Orphans), a national organization that advocates for families, foster care, and adoption, and I run my own local non-profit organization, Breath to Life Ministries, where I help women who’ve chosen to keep their babies, empowering them to thrive as mothers and providing them the skills and resources they need to take care of themselves and their children.

So far, we’ve helped more than 15 women across the country through our organization. I’m so proud of that work! Helping mothers understand their role to nurture and protect their children is one of my biggest passions in life.

How has the current COVID-19 outbreak affected your work?

We’re all taking additional safety precautions to do everything we can to keep ourselves and our clients safe and healthy. As far as my non-profit organization, right now we’re raising money and running a food drive to help with front-porch food drops for young mothers who may be in need of additional support.

A note from Tim Murray, Aware Senior Care’s CEO & President, about Lesley Monet:

“Humble, selfless, and unfailingly kind are words that come to mind when I think of Lesley and her work with her family, her community, and our clients. We are so grateful that Lesley is a part of our team – and a neighbor in our community.”

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