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In our latest “Senior Spotlight” column for Wake Living, we tackle a sensitive subject for many families – how do you respond when the at home caregiver you’ve hired isn’t the right match for your family?

Excerpt from “When an At Home Caregiver Isn’t the Right Fit for Your Family”

There’s no question that the right caregiver can bring relief and respite to a family faced with managing the care of a loved one with multiple health issues.

However, the wrong caregiver can bring added stress to a family already feeling overwhelmed with the daily challenges that come with caring for aging family members.

There are several steps you can take to avoid getting to this place, but the first thing we’d recommend is having a conversation with your home care agency before you begin working together.

Clearly communicate your care requirements and the personality traits of the caregivers you feel would be a successful match.

With our team of caregivers, we have a questionnaire we walk through with each caregiver-client pair to help us get a better understanding of the caregiver’s skills and personality, as well as the client’s needs, home environment and personal preferences.

What is the client’s schedule and when do they need care? Do they have any pets? What is the client’s personality? Are they more introverted or do they enjoy having a caregiver to talk to throughout the day? Would they like someone who is task-oriented or more informal?

If you’ve had that conversation with your home care agency and you still feel like the caregiver isn’t the right fit for your family, there are some immediate steps you can take to improve the situation…

Read the rest of our column in the Wake Living Fall 2019 issue of the magazine here.

We’d love to hear from you too! Have you faced this challenge? How did you handle it? What lessons did you learn that might help others facing a similar issue?