askaware stay out of a nursing home

Aware Senior Care and Dr. David Fisher of Doctors Making Housecalls discuss winning strategies for seniors to stay out of nursing and retirement homes and remain independent with proactive planning.

#AskAware: How to Stay out of a Nursing Home

Today’s guest host for the chat is Dr. David Fisher, Medical Director of Searstone Senior Living in Cary, NC and a physician with Doctors Making Housecalls, a medical home care practice in Raleigh, NC.

This edition of #AskAware is inspired by Dr. Fisher’s 2010 book, “How to Keep Mom (And Yourself) Out of a Nursing Home.” In it, he reveals the common reasons people end up in a nursing home and what you can do to prevent this from happening to you. Find out more information in our recommended reading section.

Question One: You are a geriatrician. How does your evaluation of a patient differ from a general practitioner.

Question Two: What are the leading reasons people end up in a nursing home?

Question Three: What action steps from your book can people take to preserve their independence?

Question Four: Many older patients have very long lists of medications. How do you deal with this problem?

Question Five: When it is time for help in the home, how do you talk about it and what are some suggestions about paying for it?