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Aware Senior Care and special guest Jacqi Dix of Personal Access Solutions of Apex, NC joined other senior care experts to discuss home modifications for the elderly.

#AskAware: “Home Modifications for Seniors”

Aware Senior Care was joined by Jacqi Dix and Barbara Vansant of Personal Access Solutions in Apex, NC to discuss modifying a home to help a loved one remain in it.

Original Publication Date: November 18th, 2015

Changes in home improvement, big and small, that will make a home safer with easier access for ADLs (Activities of Daily Living); these changes can relate to personal safety, comfort, and ease of living at home.

For seniors unable to live fully independently, modifications to the home allow them to remain in their homes. Examples include installing handrails, grab bars, chair lifts, and ramps for wheelchairs.

This also includes modifications to prevent slipping on wet surfaces in bathrooms.

Question Two: Is Home safety, like grab bars, raised toilets, clearing walking paths, and fixing doors part of home modifications?

  1. Raised toilet
  2. Pedestal Sink
  3. Barrier-Free Shower
  4. Grab Bars
  5. Curbless showers
  6. No-skid flooring
  7. Voice-activated technology

It’s also worth considering universal design (i.e. – incorporating these changes) before you may need it. You never know what can happen!

Question Five: What are typical types of kitchen modification?

  1. Auto-off stove (if left on for too long)
  2. Lower sinks
  3. Higher dishwasher
  4. Accessible microwave
  5. Movable cabinets