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Guiding the Way to Exceptional Senior Care

about aware senior careWhen someone you love is in need of care at home, nothing means more than partnering with an agency that understands the importance of providing care that:

  • Centers on compassion – We approach each person we serve and his or her loved ones with kindness, understanding, attentiveness, and a giving spirit. 
  • Upholds Professionalism – We are accountable, responsible, reliable, and trustworthy in all of our interactions with clients, their loved ones, each other, and our community partners.
  • Remains Family-centered – We understand that each person we serve is connected to others who love them, and our goal is to help families feel supported in caring for their loved ones.
  • Prioritizes Integrity – We are open, honest, proactive, and consistent in clear communication with our clients, their loved ones, each other, and our community partners. 
  • Brings Joy – We seek to bring joy, energy, light and positivity to each interaction with our clients and to our work with each other as members of a team.

That’s why local Triangle-area families choose Aware Senior Care. Our vision is that everyone deserves to live a meaningful, purposeful life – regardless of age, health, or ability level. We believe home care should be exceptional, and our team of caregivers has been taking this approach with every client since our founding in 2014.

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What Sets Aware Senior Care Apart?

  1. We’re a “Caregiver-First” company and we work together with our community partners to point people toward the right solutions for care and support throughout the aging process. 
  2. Our services are provided by a team of local employees and caregivers who live in the communities we serve. We exclusively serve the Triangle, and our offices are in Cary. 
  3. We provide both non-medical home care as well as nurse care management services. In addition, we are Diamond Sponsors and supporters of the Dementia Alliance of North Carolina. 
  4. We are the local leader in providing care to individuals living with a dementia. Our caregivers receive specialized dementia care training and certification rooted in Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach® to Care dementia training. 
  5. We’ve earned multiple awards from local and national organizations, including the Cary Chamber of Commerce, the Triangle Business Journal, Home Care Pulse, SeniorAdvisor.com, and Caring.com. 
  6. Owned by Home Care Assistance, we are a nationally supported company with access to the best resources on aging care, partnerships with aging research and service organizations, and operational efficiencies.   

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide unsurpassed in-home care for older adults, to bring peace of mind to those who care for them, and to be a helpful educational resource on home care, aging and issues faced by older adults and those with different abilities.

Why Are We Called Aware Senior Care?

We believe that awareness is vital to the continued understanding and improvement of people and communities. We serve as a guiding light to our community, providing awareness and direction around aging care issues. 

We Are Committed to Staying Aware Of:

The need for dignity in aging. We believe that individuals do not become “less” as they age and deserve to be cherished and honored with the highest level of respect and dignity.

The need in our local community for support throughout the aging journey. We work diligently to educate clients, families, and our community partners to make them aware of resources available to help them as they age.  

The individuality of each person we serve. This includes the uniqueness of each person’s needs, and the fundamental right to fully understand one’s own aging process and plan for a personalized care experience.

The need in our local community for meaningful careers. Individuals desire a career that helps them find purpose, achieve growth, and thrive while doing work that helps others live safe, happy and full lives. In addition, we celebrate the individuality of each person we hire and the uniqueness of the talents, education, energy, and experiences he or she brings to our company and to the greater community.

About Aware Senior Care

Gina Murray

Watch a video of the original founders and now ambassadors of Aware Senior Care, Tim and Gina Murray.

If you’re looking for compassionate and reliable home care in Raleigh or the surrounding area, reach out to Aware Senior Care today at (919) 436-1871 to schedule a free, in-home consultation.