Month: March 2022

Tips for Caring for Aging Parents with Your Siblings

Families are forever, as the saying goes. The memories you made, the lessons you’ve learned from your parents together – that bond lasts forever. However, while both you and your siblings may have Mom’s and Dad’s best interest at heart, it can still be difficult to see eye to eye when caring for aging parents […]

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Creating a Dementia-Friendly Home for Aging Loved Ones

When an aging adult you love is diagnosed with dementia, creating a dementia-friendly home for them becomes extremely important. Creating a safe, accommodating space for aging adults with dementia can help with their physical safety, as well as their mental and emotional health, and TheKey of North Carolina can help! Here are a few easy […]

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What to do When a Senior Loved One Keeps Firing Caregivers

As our senior loved ones get older, finding the perfect caregiver to help them age comfortably at home can be a challenging process. But professional agencies such as Home Care Assistance of Raleigh are experts at matching the right caregiver with a client, taking into account their interests, likes, and dislikes, and matching a caregiver’s […]

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