Month: February 2022

Take Away the Fear of Bath Time for Seniors with Dementia!

It’s not uncommon for people with dementia to have some pushback when it’s time to take a bath or shower. Bath time for seniors with dementia can often cause fears of slipping and falling, embarrassment from bathing in front of someone else, or even the discomfort of a potentially cold, clammy bathroom. Although managing bath […]

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How Home Care After a Heart Attack or Stroke Can be a Lifesaver

Suffering a heart attack or stroke can potentially have traumatic effects on aging adults and greatly affect their steps to recovery at home after being discharged from the hospital. From changes in diet, to physical activity, to stress levels, it can become overwhelming for both the senior and their family caregiver. Providing care after a […]

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How to Encourage Senior Independence Without Sacrificing Safety

Maintaining senior independence at home      is an important part of what helps older adults feel confident and content. However, it is natural for family members to become unsure how much the aging adult is actually capable of without harming themselves, and that can create a safety concern. If you have a senior loved […]

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