Month: November 2021

Home for the Holidays: Signs that Home Care Is Needed

Finally, it is the holiday season, and you can head back home to see your senior parents for the first time in a while. You’re looking forward to their smiling faces, the warm, cozy house, and the smell of home-baked cookies. As you walk in the house though, you notice things aren’t exactly as tidy […]

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Reduce Hospital Readmissions with Professional Home Care Services

About 1 in 5 senior patients in the US that are discharged from the hospital are readmitted within 30 days. This equates to roughly 2.6 million adults over the age of 65 and over $26 billion in costs. Not only does this create a toll on the healthcare system, but on the physical and emotional […]

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Overcoming Nutrition Challenges in Aging Adults

Even before we start to age, getting the proper nutrition from day to day can be a challenge. We may not know how to cook that well, or our budget may make it difficult to get the quality ingredients we want.  However, for aging adults, getting the proper nutrition everyday can be particularly difficult. There […]

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