Month: September 2019

enrolling in medicare

Enrolling in Medicare: The Easy 4 Step Guide

The step-by-step guide to enrolling in medicare to give you a confident start for an excellent healthcare option. Don’t get lost in the details!

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alzheimer's podcast

Alzheimer’s Podcast with “Around the Triangle” Full Transcript

Host Kyle Wilson introduces Tim and Gina on the “Around the Triangle” podcast to discuss Alzheimer’s and Dementia care for Alzheimer’s Awareness month.

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resources for seniors in raleigh

Resources for Seniors in Raleigh: 21 Essentials You Need

These vital resources for seniors in Raleigh can make the often overwhelming task of caring for an elderly loved one much easier.

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optimal healing environment

How to Create an Optimal Healing Environment at Home

What is an optimal healing environment? They are environments that are functional as well as individualized to a person’s specific needs.

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at home caregiver

When an At Home Caregiver Isn’t the Right Fit for Your Family

In our latest “Senior Spotlight” for Wake Living, we tackle a sensitive subject – When the caregiver you’ve hired isn’t the right fit for your family.

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medication management guide

The Complete Medication Management Guide You Need to Stay Out of the Hospital

This complete medication management guide will show you how you can reduce your medication error and drug interaction risks.

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