Month: March 2019

dementia support groups

Helpful Dementia Support Groups for Caregivers in Wake County

There are great dementia support groups in Wake County where family caregivers can find support when taking care of a loved one.

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how can elder abuse be prevented

How Can Elder Abuse be Prevented? Here’s How.

Caring for a loved one can seem straightforward, but the elderly often find themselves vulnerable to abuse. Here’s how elder abuse can be prevented.

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questions to ask when choosing your home care agency

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Home Care Agency

In our latest “Senior Spotlight” column in Wake Living, we’ve pulled together 5 important questions to ask when you’re choosing a home care agency.

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the cost of home care

The Cost of Home Care Makes Planning Ahead Crucial: USA Today

In USA Today. Tim and Gina Murray discuss their decision to buy long term care insurance as a preventative measure for the possible cost of home care.

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short term care insurance

The Expert Guide to Short Term Care Insurance You Need to Have

What is short term care insurance? It provides affordable coverage for long-term care services for one year or less to avoid devastating costs.

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