Month: February 2019

long term care crisis alzheimers

Long Term Care Crisis: How to Handle Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s Care: I need help! Gina Murray joins Transitions GuidingLights’ Nicole Clagett to discuss dealing with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

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adl and iadl

ADLs and IADLs: 12 things to know to provide quality care

What’s the difference between ADLs and IADLs? Knowing what they are can help determine the level of care a senior needs and if they can remain independent.

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overcome caregiver role strain

How to Overcome Caregiver Role Strain and Stay Positive in Midlife

Caregiver role strain clouds your entire life: Physically, mentally, and emotionally. Here we show you how to cultivate a positive mindset to overcome it.

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