Month: October 2018

improve sleep habits

Improve your sleep habits in these three areas to rest easy

Sleep is one of the keys to maintaining your health as you age. Improve your sleep habits by incorporating this guide into your daily life.

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exercise ideas for seniors

11 Ingenious Exercise Ideas for Seniors

A list of eleven low impact exercise ideas for seniors that are easy on the joints while still building strength and stamina.

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veterans aid and attendance benefits

Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits – Urgent and Please Read

On September 18, the Veterans Administration (VA) published new rules that make it more difficult to qualify for this important benefit.

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find your thrive tribe

Your “Thrive Tribe”: Four Tips to Help You Find Yours

The Thrive Tribe is a group of people involved in the regular care of your loved one who can help you provide the best care possible.

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quality of life alzheimers dementia care

The Struggle for A Higher Quality of Life in Dementia Care

Quality of life with dementia may not seem to change, but the internal impact on you and or loved one is real. How to build support to live well.

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