Month: July 2017

gocary transportation

GoCary Transportation Service for Seniors

GoCary is a wonderful door-to-door transportation service. Think of it as Uber that is tailored to seniors.

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va aid and attendance benefit

VA Aid and Attendance Benefit: What are the Basic Qualifications?

This is a short and sweet summary of the qualifications for VA aid and attendance. How much can Veterans Assistance AA pay?

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organize power of attorney

Power of Attorney Crisis, Dallas Morning News: Be Aware

This article from The Dallas Morning News is excellent. It provides good advice to caregivers and/or power of attorneys.

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downsizing for retirement

Downsizing for Retirement and Dream Homes

For most of us downsizing for retirement and moving elsewhere as we age is an inevitable event. This is how to do it right.

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senior problems and solutions

Difficult Changes for a Senior: Problems and Solutions

Senior problems are often in plain sight and we don’t know it. Confronting the challenges faced by senior citizens and finding solutions can be tricky.

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