Month: May 2016

elder abuse

Recognize and Report: Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is a significant problem that plagues older generations around the world. Each year in America, approximately 4 million elderly people become victims of physical, psychological or other forms of abuse.

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My Mother Emily Part Three: The New York Conversation

Tim Murray, Co-Founder of Aware Senior Care, talks to his mother about moving back to New York. Her memory issues make him think about other possibilities.

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Gina Murray Case Study: The Comeback

Gina recalls a case study she fondly remembers as “The Comeback.” Terri suffered from a brain bleed and made an amazing recovery with the right care.

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my mother emily part two

My Mother Emily Part Two: Understanding What Mom Wants

In My Mother Emily, Part Two, Tim Murray, Co-Founder of Aware Senior Care, debates how exactly to move his mother from North Carolina to New York.

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gina murray case study stroke

Gina Murray Case Study: Life after a stroke

In this latest Gina Murray Case Study, a client suffers a stroke. A team of caregivers and Gina take action to help them return to normalcy at home.

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my mother emily part one

My Mother Emily Part One: Beginning the Journey

Tim Murray, Co-Founder of Aware Senior Care, discusses moving his mother from New York to Raleigh, NC in order to provide her full-time care and the struggles he faces in doing so.

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